Bring your media to the right people

Media buying done right—with a deep understanding of millions of consumers.

With Conversant as your media-buying partner, you’ll be confident that you’re reaching the right people across all of their devices and channels.

Our petabytes of real-time, person-level data help you understand your audience as individuals—not as devices, cookies or segments. And we adhere to the highest ad-quality standards to ensure that your message runs in relevant, brand-safe environments.

You'll see real, measureable results, with deep insight into campaign performance, brand lift and sales—even the ones that happen in-store.

Reach a larger, more accurate audience:

  • 160 million consumers you can message today
  • 178 chances to reach every person daily
  • 7,000 dimensions to each consumer profile, including purchases (online and offline), locations, devices, browsing behavior and video views

Bring your messages everywhere they are:

  • 1.1 million websites
  • 173,000 mobile apps
  • 6,000 partnerships with leading digital publishers
  • 96% precision at matching consumers to their devices
  • 99%+ Human Guarantee gets your message to people, not bots