Conversant Whitepapers

Conversant is committed to growing brands and the digital industry by pioneering ways to drive greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency. As part of this effort, we devote major resources to providing original research and analysis designed to help you get more out of your digital marketing investment. All of our research and analysis is available for free download. Check back often for our latest work.

Don't Stalk. Just Sell. image
Research / 
Oct 2016

A story of how digital marketing can go wrong—and how to get it right.

Customer Recognition: How Marketing is Failing at its Top Priority image
Research / 
Sep 2016

We asked marketing professionals about their priorities and data-management capabilities. Here’s what we found.

Making True 1:1 Marketing Happen, At Scale image
Personalization / 
Dec 2015

True personalization really is possible. Get to know the four steps we take to achieve it.

The 5 Keys to Connecting with Real People image
Cross-Device / 
Oct 2015

Discover our 5-pronged approach to connecting with millions of consumers for years, including: Recognition, Reach, Accuracy, Persistence and Privacy.

The Ad Quality Conundrum image
Research / 
Jun 2015

Explore the various components of ad quality, the damage poor ad quality causes, and Conversant's holistic approach to getting it right every single time

Our Approach To Consumer Privacy Protection, Notice And Choice image
Research / 
May 2015

The 16 steps that Conversant takes to ensure consumer privacy across all of our business practices.

Affiliate Holiday Insights image
Affiliate / 
Nov 2014

Optimize your campaigns for the holiday season with this informative report that predicts 2014 holiday sales trends based on a thorough review of the 2013 holiday season

Affiliate Network Benchmarks image
Affiliate / 
Sep 2014

The key performance metrics that advertisers use to measure the success and efficiency of their programs

The Personalization Imperative image
Personalization / 
Sep 2014

Get up to speed on personalization in just 15 minutes with this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Conversant