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Conversant will lead Swanson Health’s personalized digital marketing to help increase product sales, grow its customer base and drive marketing efficiency.
Agatha Rymanowska shares details about her role, what makes it fun and how Enterprise Operations supports Conversant's ability to deliver personalized digital marketing.
Chad Peplinski, SVP of Media, outlines the different types of ad fraud and how to prevent it.
CJ Affiliate's Sarah Crosby discusses the importance of sharing affiliate commerce data with publishers.
Neus Herranz, Senior Director, Decision Science, is recognized on the annual list of who’s who in Chicago tech.
CJ Affiliate's Monique Zapata-Kaufman shares strategies and tips for brand advertisers looking to capitalize on Prime Day traffic.
Lisa Collings offers three tips for retailers looking to transform their businesses.
Kurt Hawks explains why cross-device identification can only take place when marketers have a complete view of their customers.
Ric Elert shares a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether you’re ready to go the self-service route.
By harnessing digital media and data, marketers can connect with viewers as individuals, not just demos.
CJ Affiliate's Chris Bass runs through three key affiliate strategies to get your brand noticed in the APAC region.
Matt Martella shares five areas marketers can consider to avoid going down the ad tech “road to regret.”
Kurt Hawks shares five key questions marketers should ask when evaluating identity partners.
As marketers increasingly embrace AI, Steve Nowlan discusses the best way to leverage AI and machine learning in personalized digital advertising.
The new tool enables advertisers and publishers to gain GDPR and ePrivacy Directive (ePD) compliant consent from consumers.
Agatha Rymanowska shares her perspective on tech careers, job opportunities at Conversant, and the company's culture.
Jeff Fagel is named SVP, Head of Marketing at Epsilon/Conversant.
President Ric Elert shares insight on his leadership style, work philosophy and more.
Chief Revenue Officer Jim Rund reminds marketers to focus on performance when discussing ad fraud.
Agatha Rymanowska, Senior VP of Enterprise Operations, shares key considerations to keep in mind when implementing martech to drive the best possible outcomes.
Marketers aren’t looking forward to GDPR – but perhaps they should. VP of Product Dave Scrim discusses the opportunity to get customer data right.
CJ Affiliate's Jessica Woodbury outlines three key areas in which influencer marketing’s relationship with affiliate will evolve in the next 12 months.
VP of Product Dave Scrim shares how Conversant tackles cross-device marketing to help brands build lifelong customer relationships across devices.
President Ric Elert discusses why marketers need a more holistic approach to measuring marketing performance.
VP Ray Erickson outlines four key areas marketers must focus on to develop an effective video strategy that delivers results.
A roundtable with marketers from Cracker Barrel, GIA and Walgreens sharing insights on their brand’s approach to personalization.
Jing Wang, Senior Scientist, explains her job in machine learning and data.
As mobile becomes a popular channel for travel research and booking, SVP Nancy Hall highlights how to travel marketers can capitalize on the mobile opportunity.
VP Rachael Churchill offers insight on the adoption of ads.txt.
CJ Affiliate’s Paul Tibbitt outlines three ways the affiliate marketing industry will evolve in the year ahead.
President Ric Elert shares his perspective on the trends that were meaningful – and which ones lacked substance.
CJ Affiliate’s Paul Tibbitt offers insight on the elevated perception of affiliate marketing among the C-suite.
SVP of Media Chad Peplinski weighs in on viewability measurement and where it’s headed.
Agatha Rymanowska, SVP of Enterprise Operations, is recognized as one of the top women in the martech industry.
Thousands of site owners turn to CJ Affiliate to monetize content and get in front of relevant audiences.
Three of the most impactful news stories on affiliate marketing came from CJ Affiliate.
Neus Herranz, Director of Decision Science, discusses how she got where she is today and what makes Conversant a top place to work in the tech industry.
Matt Martella, SVP of Business Development, and Epsilon’s Tad Fordyce lay out five ways retail marketers can fuse data, technology, content and media to increase store traffic with online shoppers.
President Ric Elert outlines questions to ask your digital media partner to validate your CPA metrics.
Agatha Rymanowska, SVP of Enterprise Operations, discusses the four areas of personalization that must work together in order to personalize the customer experience.
President Ric Elert discusses why having a solo CRM developer on your team won’t ever meet the needs of your CRM strategy compared to having an integrated partner.
After a disappointing summer at the box office, VP Matt Weisbecker shares digital marketing tips that movie studios can use to drive moviegoers to theaters.
Follow these tips for driving meaningful customer engagement that lasts throughout the holiday season and beyond.
SVP of Enterprise Operations Agatha Rymanowska discusses Conversant’s approach to personalization, ad quality, AI and machine learning.
CJ Affiliate’s Nele Sharp shares top tips for publishers to become successful in the global affiliate space.
President Ric Elert shares how being able to market and make decisions in real-time is an important part of delivering personalization.
VP Dave Scrim discusses how marketers can better leverage data to have ongoing, relevant conversations with consumers over time.
VP Max Jacob explains why A/B testing goes out the window when delivering personalized messages to consumers.
President Ric Elert discusses the importance of preventing data leakage and getting cross-device right for advertising success.
Conversant was named #24 on the list of top 100 fastest growing digital tech companies in Chicago.
SVP Matt Martella shares how marketers can better know who they are reaching.
CJ Affiliate’s Nicole Ron offers insights on cross-device shoppers and how marketers can best engage them.
VP Wayne Young addresses how broadcasters can use digital campaigns to drive tune-in.
SVP Lisa Gosselin shares her thoughts on the state of location-based advertising.
SVP Ben Eason advises marketers to use back-to-school as an opportunity to start on-going conversations with their consumers.
VP Rachael Churchill explains the real implications of a tougher digital ad viewability standard for marketers.
An increasing number of retailers are turning their eyes - and their marketing dollars - to affiliate relationships.
CJ Affiliate’s Sandrine Thompson shares insights from the holiday 2016 online shopping season.
CJ Affiliate’s Camille Ip explains why retailers need to employ a "site-to-store" strategy.
President Ric Elert weighs in on the industry’s most frequently asked questions.
President Ric Elert is recognized as one of the top 50 tech leaders in Chicago.
CJ Affiliate’s Monique Zapata-Kaufman gives advice to drive purchases around Prime Day.
CJ Affiliate’s Scott Ginsberg shares upcoming affiliate partnership developments.
CJ Affiliate's Jules Bazley discusses shifting perceptions of the affiliate channel.
SVP of Media Chad Peplinski explains why the industry needs to start focusing on people to ensure brand safety.
President Ric Elert discusses the pitfalls of marketers' DIY solutions and how to avoid them.
President Ric Elert discusses why fragmented solutions are an issue and why Forrester's latest DSP Wave report should be a concern to marketers.
SVP Nancy Hall addresses how travel marketers can better use data to talk to their loyal customers.
CJ Affiliate's cross-device solution recognizes consumer transactions across multiple devices to reach shoppers.
President Ric Elert assures media buyers Conversant will meet or beat industry standards for viewability, brand safety and fraud prevention.
CJ Affiliate's Owen Hancock gives a behind-the-scenes look at CJ Affiliate's award-winning work for TUI.
CJ Affiliate's Sarah Crosby discusses the value of influencers in affiliate marketing. 
SVP Kurt Hawks outlines how marketers can prove out their partners' people-based marketing claims.
President Ric Elert talks personalization in the latest edition of the DM News One-on-One podcast series.
Conversant was named winner of the 2017 DMN Award in the AdTech/Programmatic Company category.
President Ric Elert shares why it's important to remember the fundamentals of marketing.
Head of Creative Michael Davis shares four flaws to avoid when designing mobile ads.
SVP of Business Development at CJ Affliate, Paul Tibbit, offers tips on how to drive increased investment in affiliate through 2017.
SVP of Cross Device and Video, Kurt Hawks, discusses the importance of taking a consumer-centric approach to cross device.
SVP of Cross Device and Video Kurt Hawks shares his prediction for how mobile will evolve in 2017.
CJ Affiliate Network Performance Director George Yuhba anticipates what's ahead for search in 2017.
President Ric Elert and SVP Kurt Hawks share 2017 predictions with MediaPost's Tobi Elkin.
CJ Affiliate Network Performance Director George Yuhba offers his most important search developments of 2016.
President Ric Elert discusses the Conversant One-to-One Relationship Engine and more in this Q&A.
President Ric Elert predicts that brand marketers will take a firmer stance against ad fraud in 2017.
SVP of Cross Device and Video, Kurt Hawks, offers insights on the state of mobile brand safety.
A recap of the expansion of Road Scholar's business relationship with Conversant.
CJ Affiliate Business Development Manager Jessica Woodbury shares tips on how advertisers can best leverage affiliate in 2017.
VP of Media Development Heather Swarens offers insight on the state of header wrappers.
SVP of Cross Device and Video, Kurt Hawks, is featured along other industry leaders offering digital trends to look out for in 2017.
Conversant is named winner of a 2016 Shorty Social Good Award for Best In Technology.
CJ Affiliate Director of Product Management Aruna Bhagtani offers insights into emerging retail marketing trends.
SVP of Cross Device and Video, Kurt Hawks, offers advice on how to predict competitive shifts in dynamic markets.
Head of Creative Michael Davis examines three campaigns that could have beneifted from heightened personalization.
VP of Product Management Wayne Young weighs in on causes for repetitive streaming video ads.
SVP Nancy Hall offers three real-life examples of how poor ad targeting can harm a brand's reputation.
SVP Nancy Hall talks about the importance of picking the right marketing partners.
A recap of how Conversant helped the high-end children's retailer improve its cross-device customer recognition.
SVP of Eastern Sales Nancy Hall discusses how to maintain data fidelity.
CJ Affiliate VP of Corporate Developemnt Dan Sweeney discusses new trends in the evaluation of affiliate program performance.
VP of Product Management Dave Scrim discusses the next generation of personalization.
President Ric Elert shares five key focus areas for true one-to-one conversations with consumers.
SVP of Cross Device and Video, Kurt Hawks, discusses goals of the DMA's new XDID initiative.
Head of Creative Michael Davis explores three times that brands used mobile to create unique experiences.
President Ric Elert discusses Conversant's past, present and future with the Illinois Technology Association (ITA).
SVP of Business Development Matt Martella shares his thoughts on how digital advertising needs to improve.
VP of Creative Technology Andrew Lindsay shares his thoughts on how data should inform creative execution.
Head of Creative Michael Davis discusses how dynamic and personalized ads can gain attention and drive conversions.
CJ Affiliate Business Development Manager Jessica Woodbury has advice now that Pinterest has lifted its ban on affiliate links.
President Ric Elert offers insights for those looking to implement marketing butt solutions.
President Ric Elert addresses the importance of having a full, cross-device view of consumers for effective mobile advertising.
Head of Mobile Kurt Hawks explains why fragmentation hinders mobile marketing innovation.
VP of Healthcare Solutions Diane Rinaldo identifies two drivers of pharma's recent mobile push.
SVP of Video Scott Young discusses mobile video best practices and the importance of creating simple and seamless interactions.
Using Conversant's viewership and demographic data, Adweek created an infographic highlighting the performance of the presidential candidates' video ads.
SVP of Media Acquisition & Operations Chad Peplinski speaks about what influences desktop and mobile ad prices.
SVP of Media Acquisitions and Operations Chad Peplinski offers his advice on the first step marketers looking to leverage programmatic can take to maxmize success.
Head of creative Michael Davis discusses the importance of matching advertising creative to real people.
SVP of Products Raju Malhotra opines on the announcement of a smaller iPhone and reminds us what really matters in mobile.
CEO John Giuliani shares his vision for a better marketing industry.
In this Q&A, Head of Creative Michael Davis discusses the opportunity for data to inform creative.
SVP of Products Raju Malhotra offers his view on the relationship between a phone's screen size and mobile advertising.