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Personalization Takes Center Stage

Personalization Takes Center Stage

by Admin March 6, 2015  / Events / One-to-One Marketing

Earlier this week, our SVP of Product Management, Raju Malhotra, participated in a much anticipated panel discussion at the Argyle Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum - Spring Event in Chicago. The event brought together CMOs and marketing leaders from a variety of industry verticals to discuss best practices and innovative marketing strategies for 2015 and beyond.

Titled, “Personalization and Meaningful Content in the Modern Era”, the panel touched on:

  • Leveraging data to better understand the customer so you can curate content accordingly
  • Building an online/offline view of the customer
  • Measuring the incremental impact of marketing investments

During the panel, Raju led a lively discussion on best practices for addressing the customer’s heightened expectations for tailored, relevant, high-quality content across all marketing channels. A key part of Raju’s message was about getting real with regard to what we mean when we talk about personalized marketing, because so often it is used to describe programs that aren’t really tailored specifically to each consumer.

Said Malhotra,

“The word personalized is so common, so banal, because we talk about it so much. It’s about humanizing, it’s about actually being authentic in our communication. Personalization, or humanization, is impossible if we do not understand the person we are talking to. And I actually really mean at the 1:1 level, in a non-creepy way that adds value to the person’s life.”

When asked about Conversant’s approach to personalization, Raju described how Conversant personalizes and delivers 1.3 million distinctly different creative messages to one retailer’s customer base across video, mobile, and display - all while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy and anonymity.


Senior marketer interest in personalization continues to grow. A recent Conversant study revealed that more than 90% of marketers and customer insights professionals say personalization will be a critical part of future marketing efforts.

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If you are interested in learning more about personalization and marketer attitudes toward the topic, download our free commissioned study conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of Conversant entitled “The Personalization Imperative".

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