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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

by Admin March 10, 2015  / Culture


Director, Account Management
Joined Conversant 2010

Why did you join Conversant?
Prior to coming to Conversant (formerly Dotomi) in 2010, I wasn’t really looking for a new opportunity, but I knew that if I were to leave my current job, I wanted my next role to be within an innovative digital company where I could leverage my direct marketing background. I started to get an itch for change when Dotomi (one of the six companies that united to form Conversant) reached out via Linkedin. Dotomi was familiar to me because an employee had presented as part of a DePaul University certificate program I had taken a few months prior. After my first round of interviews and learning of the role’s blend of both client services and marketing, I knew that I wanted the job.

What was your favorite client project over the years?
One of my favorite clients was also one of my more challenging accounts. The relationship was great, but the client had major hesitation over letting us do their creative as they had never worked with outside creative teams. In order to support their program objectives and desire to have a personalized ongoing conversation with their customers, we first had to gain their trust. Through a series of onsite meetings and brainstorm sessions, we were able to further educate them about our dynamic capabilities. Within a year’s time, they had a fully scaled, highly personalized and successful program implemented. This experience early on reinforced the importance of marrying a deep understanding of a client’s view of (and vision for) their brand with continuous and thoughtful education regarding Conversant’s capabilities. This combination has been invaluable in my approach to client service at Conversant.

What is your best memory at Conversant?
Two words: company band! At my first holiday party, I remember seeing the head of product rocking out on his guitar and a sales guy singing. I had no idea my colleagues had such incredible musical talent! Five years later, I continue to be impressed. Seeing the full gamut of team members (Account Managers, Media, Integration Engineers, Product, Sales, etc.) come together and put on a killer show at Chicago’s House of Blues was absolutely incredible.

What has Conversant taught you?
Work hard, play hard. Conversant’s culture embodies this mentality. The people here are so incredibly smart and driven, but also know how to cut loose and have fun with each other when the work is done.

What is your best advice on how to succeed at a company like Conversant?
Our environment is ever-changing and ever-advancing. Be a part of leading - don’t just follow! Being proactive, solution-oriented and collaborative with your peers will take you a long way.

Can you explain what Conversant does in one sentence at a cocktail party?
This can be challenging given the sophistication of what we are able to do, but our vision was eloquently relayed at a recent Conversant National Sales Summit: “Creating intelligent connections between consumers and brands through personalized media”.

What keeps you at Conversant?
Beyond my belief in Conversant’s capabilities and vision, I’m still here after almost 5 years because of the people. I’ve never worked with such smart, passionate people. I learn something new every day and am continuously challenged. No two days are alike and it's amazing to work with so many other people who share my passion for bringing our cutting edge capabilities to our clients!

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