Conversant launches header bidding

I’m excited to announce that header bidding is now available to all of Conversant’s publisher partners. In case you’re wondering:

What’s header bidding?
It’s a solution that allows publishers to send their site inventory to multiple partners simultaneously, instead of the traditional waterfall approach. This ensures that publishers capture the highest yield across all demand partners in real time, and gives the publisher control of the auction.

As you can see from the example below, a header-bidding auction allows the highest bid to be paid out, when it would have been missed in a traditional waterfall setup.


In order to capitalize on the momentum, Conversant developed and built a header-bidding adapter for Conversant Private Exchange (CPE) publishers. The CPE adapter launched in beta with a select group of publishers and resulted in increased publisher earnings of 200% on average! We’re now making the adapter available to all CPE publishers.

Why would publishers use Conversant Private Exchange’s header bidding?
Our header-bidding adapter is fully compatible with the Prebid open source container, and has an easy integration option that makes it very simple for CPE publishers to use. We may also build adapters for some of the other widely used containers in early 2017.

Also, publishers can layer header bidding with our dynamic yield-management tool to achieve their monetization goals easily with Conversant.

The yield-management tool, released earlier this year, automatically updates its dynamic floors every 30 minutes on a placement level to hit the set goals in the system. This is the most efficient and automatic way to achieve publishers’ yield goals.

What’s in it for publishers’ site visitors?
With our extensive person-level consumer data, we deliver one-to-one messages that are highly relevant to each web user. Compelling ads reach the right people at exactly the right time, making visits to our publisher sites more personal to each user.

How can I participate in CPE header bidding?
If you’re a publisher and want to start monetizing your inventory with this solution, please get in touch. Implementation is quick and easy.