Conversant Private Exchange adds yield management functionality

One of the key sayings here at Conversant is “automate so you can innovate,” and it is with that in mind that our publisher team announced the addition of Yield Management functionality on our private exchange.

With our updates to the Yield Management page, publishers are now able to set manual or dynamic floors for each of their placements depending on their goals. Setting dynamic floors enable publishers to automate processes so they can focus on content and technology development and find the sweet spot to deliver the highest results. Features include:

  • Targets can be set at a placement, media-type level and goals can be set for either eCPM or fill
  • Automatic updates to achieve the set goal for each placement while maximizing yield
  • The addition of projections to help guide our publishers with setting proper goals based on historical traffic data. This includes a visualization of performance over time.

While a select group of publishers have already used the new solution (and exceeded their goals by seven percent), we look forward to enabling all of our private exchange publishers to set and meet their goals in the coming months.