Grasshopper wins “Best Creative Innovation” at the DMA Innovation Awards

Conversant was recently named the winner of a DMA Innovation Award at DMA’s &Then Conference, earning top honors in the Creative category for Grasshopper. The groundbreaking tool, which automates the creative development of entire digital ad campaigns in seconds, was also recognized by the DMN Awards in the Ad Tech/Programmatic category this year.

As a digital media company with ad tech, Conversant relies on layers of automated algorithms to aggregate, analyze, store and normalize the data we use to deliver personalized marketing to individuals at scale. Vast amounts of insights contribute to Conversant’s multi-dimensional consumer profiles, which are leveraged across each client campaign to reach the right individual, with the right message, in the right place and at the right moment. A traditional creative shop would try to manually integrate that data into a campaign and then continuously update individual ad sizes as the campaign runs its course. At Conversant, we know the only way to capitalize on our limitless amounts of data to make personalization in real-time possible is by embracing automation during the design and development part of the creative process.

This is where Grasshopper comes in. Grasshopper is Conversant’s response to the laborious task of manually creating the same ad across several different sizes and formats. Our Creative Technology team recognized that in order to deliver on the promise of personalized media at scale, a solution was needed to help creative agencies and brand teams increase efficiency, standardize coding practices and ensure cross-browser, platform and device compatibility. The most important aspect of Grasshopper is that while it brings an unprecedented amount of automation to the creative process, it does so without sacrificing creative integrity. We work with some of the most recognizable, brand-sensitive companies across industries. Brands whose marketing and styling has been crafted to perfection. These brands are represented flawlessly by our creative team even as automation plays a large role.

Grasshopper translates design assets into fully-formatted, interactive ad units – regardless of size or format – simply by clicking a button. The tool is integrated directly into Conversant’s ad server so once the designs are completed, the files are then able to respond to an infinite number of interactions across each ad unit thanks to the Conversant platform. Media is rendered dynamically on-the-fly to consumers based on who they are, where they are, what they like and how they buy. So while automation was once thought to hinder creative output, today it amplifies it.