How Conversant and FIA make every second count

When a child is abducted, a tornado warning is issued, or a regional alert is declared, spreading public awareness is essential as precious minutes and seconds can save lives. That’s the driving insight behind Conversant’s work with the Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA).

At Conversant, we are constantly looking for ways to take our technology and media footprint and put them to use for the public good. One of our largest commitments is to the important work of FIA, which leverages the immediacy of digital to help spread the word in case of community emergencies.

FIA began as a partnership between Conversant and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in January 2011, adding GroupM (formerly 24/7 Media) in 2012.

FIA partners relay alerts for serious events such as child abductions or the imminent threat of a tornado or other hazard. Alerts are displayed immediately using the latest information from official authorities. FIA’s emergency alerts override or overlay other online messages to display this urgent information to the areas impacted. Have a look at this video for additional insight into the great work of FIA:

Since its founding, FIA has grown to encompass support from the National Weather Service, OASIS, China's Public Weather Center and many of the leading players in digital media, including:

  • 33 Across
  • AOL
  • Appnexus
  • Quantcast
  • Rocketfuel
  • Specific Media
  • Turn
  • XAd

All of us work together to deliver geotargeted communications when they are most needed. For example, FIA has publicized more than 8,800 tornado warnings, as well as other important events where getting the word out quickly has literally saved lives. Together, FIA Partners collectively represent daily delivery of over 30 billion ads a day. Accessing this real-time inventory to deter a child abduction, help save a missing child, give a family time to take cover in the path of a tornado, or provide immediate information about a sudden tsunami is the right thing to do.

We’re incredibly proud of our participation in FIA. In the coming months we’ll keep you updated on the important work of FIA and its newest partners. If you represent a media company that would like to get involved, please contact us here.