Acquire Customers
Bring your messages to the best new people, turning them into loyal customers.

Add customers without wasting money

Welcome to the most efficient way to grow your customer base. We accurately exclude your existing customers, then we reach prospects who look like your best customers, down to the category and product levels.

Our advanced modeling makes 1+ trillion daily decisions across thousands of predictions to find you the right audience. And our massive scale lets you grow your addressable audience for years.

Drive events beyond sales

Conversant Actions motivates your customers and prospects to complete non-transactional goals, taking advantage of the same powerful person-level data, targeting and unique creative of Conversant CRM and Cross-Device Remarketing.

Some examples of Conversant Actions include: email signups, loyalty program signups, baby registries, wedding registries, requests for quote, recall signups, trial signups and whitepaper downloads.

Find the right people for every message

Go beyond segments, devices and cookies, and engage with consumers as real people. 

Our person-level understanding is informed by the 200+ billion online interactions we observe daily, including web browsing, video views and geolocation. Whether they buy online, in-store or both, we know how they spend their time and money across 7,000+ profile dimensions. Then we tie all this information to persistent, anonymized consumer IDs, so you know you’re reaching the right person with your message every time.

Choose from hundreds of our audiences, such as:

  • Premium Conversant. Select from 150+ audiences representing interest categories such as political views, sports, hobbies, family and pets.
  • Life-Event Based. Find consumers experiencing a life event such as getting married, having a baby, moving and more.
  • Transaction or Purchase-Based. Get PII-free insight into consumers’ purchases, purchase frequency, brands of interest and beyond.
  • Location-Based. Reach consumers based on the places they go, with insight into locations like grocery stores, car dealerships and more.
  • Vertical-Specific. Reach audiences in your brand’s vertical, including retail, travel, healthcare, media & entertainment and more.
  • Demographic. Reach consumers based on age and gender.
  • Custom. Combine some of our categories or build your own with the criteria you choose.

Once you have the right audience, we’ll help you deliver person-level messages to each consumer across all their devices. Learn more about how we deliver media.