Build real connections that last for years with true one-to-one marketing. Conversant CRM combines your lists with an unprecedented amount of consumer data, so you’ll fully understand your customers and prospects across purchases, demographic data, interests, shopping behavior and more.

Customer Acquisition

Add valuable customers to your base without wasting money. We accurately exclude your existing base, reaching only qualified prospects who look like your best customers, down to the category and product levels. Our advanced modeling makes 1+ trillion daily decisions across thousands of predictions to find you the right audience to deliver true one-to-one marketing.

With ongoing measurement and insights, you can continuously shape the conversations based on profile changes, product launches, store openings and updates to your marketing mix. And our incredible scale lets you grow your addressable audience for years.

Customer Growth

Build your customer relationships over time, at the person level. Whether they buy online, in-store or both, we show you how they spend their time and money across 7,000+ dimensions, and their profiles update as they continue to buy from over 4,000 retailers.

Millions of automated conversations can update on the fly to customize for digital circulars, loyalty programs, product ratings, local stores, private-label credit cards, MDF, co-op dollars and seasonal sales, keeping messaging fresh and relevant. Your customers enjoy a powerful brand experience, and they keep coming back to you with greater loyalty over time.

List Activation

Bring all of your offline lists online, across display, video and mobile. Our superior match rates, reach, profiles, decisioning and measurement make it easy to stay in touch with everyone—from buyers to catalog users to loyalty members to new movers—on a person level, so you can effectively upsell or offer targeted discounts. You can also grow your audience, using any list as the gold standard for advanced prospect modeling across an online audience of 150 million.

You’ll get insights around device usage, app engagement, social activity and purchase behavior, so you can learn more about your customers and measure the brand lift and strength of your campaign.

Cross-Device Remarketing

Have one-to-one conversations with all of your site visitors—recent and historical—with unprecedented reach and personalization. With our cross-device recognition of individuals across all sites and browsers, in-depth profiles consisting of 400+ days of site activity, and dynamic creative capabilities, you can connect and customize at the person level, keeping one-to-one messages fresh and relevant to drive incremental ROAS.

Smart, Dynamic Creative

We produce some of the industry’s smartest and most effective marketing, branding and digital media—and we develop the systems to optimize and personalize it. All of which strengthens your brand message and boosts your incremental ROAS.

Other solutions might use a wireframe for all retailers, rotating different product images and calling it dynamic. Not us. We collaborate with you to understand your brand guidelines and messaging strategy, and then deliver unique, highly customized ads, faithfully representing your brand with exceptional creative execution.