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Stand out from the competition with millions of personalized brand relationships.

Online giants and more niche options have increased competition for marketshare. The stakes have never been higher for your brand, and every marketing interaction and dollar matters.

Don’t waste your marketing spend on irrelevant conversations that only frustrate your customers. Activate your customer data and deliver personalized messaging that features the right products, messages and offers every time to motivate customers to act—and build a lifelong relationship with each of them. If you can do that, you’ll beat the online giants.

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“Conversant is able to reach and reengage our customers with unprecedented accuracy.”

– Joe Orlando, Director of Marketing, The Land of Nod


Use person-level data to drive loyalty and visits to your casual-dining and quick-service restaurants.

Your guests and prospects are constantly in motion across devices and channels, and they have more restaurant options than ever. To gain their attention, you’ll need to identify them at every stage of their journey, and understand their ordering history, diet restrictions, food preferences and locations so you can speak to them with relevance.

With highly accurate, up-to-date data, we’ll help you reach the right people with personalized messages that reach all your marketing goals—from capturing marketshare and increasing sales across channels to building brand loyalty. And with closed-loop reporting, you’ll know exactly how your marketing efforts impact sales—including dine-in, pickup and delivery.


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“It is money well spent when a partner thinks
outside of the project confines—that is pretty rare.”

–Desiree Graham, Director of Restaurant Marketing, Cracker Barrel


Know travelers better than ever, and reach them with the most relevant messages.

In this rapidly evolving industry, brands must understand travelers across all stages of their purchase journey in order to reach their marketing goals. But fragmented, inaccurate traveler knowledge makes this nearly impossible.

With robust, comprehensive traveler profiles, we’ll help you connect with millions of the right travelers, and bring them highly relevant, cross-device messages with unprecedented accuracy. You’ll increase bookings, grow brand awareness, engage your current guests and acquire new ones—growing a lifetime of loyalty.

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“Conversant fundamentally revamped our retargeting strategy so
we could reach an audience we couldn’t find or reach before.”

– Steve August, Associate VP of Marketing & Analytics, Road Scholar

Financial Services

Efficiently reach more consumers across all channels.

Traditional marketing channels limit your scale, slow your time to market, compromise privacy and security, and demand large investments with little return.

When you combine your customer data with our privacy-protected consumer knowledge, you’ll deepen your relationship with each of your customers, growing life-long loyalty. With an end-to-end solution, you’ll increase your marketshare quickly and efficiently at a lower cost per acquisition—all within industry compliance standards.

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“We ended up getting 4,000+ new cardholders,
and we had a 6x more efficient cost per application.”

– Marketing Manager, Retail Brand's Private Label Credit Card

Media & Entertainment

Grow & engage your audience using powerful entertainment data and relevant person-level messages.

Your audience has more entertainment options than ever. To break through the clutter, you’ll need to understand each of them as individuals, and talk to them in personalized ways.

We’ll help you connect with the largest, most responsive audience, selected from 200+ million individual profiles built from highly accurate purchase and TV-viewership data. 

You’ll engage the right people across all their devices with captivating video and display messages, delivered with maximal precision and minimal waste. And you’ll stay connected to each audience member for years, making it easy to reach them about future content and promotions.

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We helped one Media & Entertainment client achieve
an average return on ad spend ranging from $15-$27.


Speak to new & current shoppers with person-level relevance, wherever they are in the purchase cycle.

With limited access to purchase data, it’s tough for CPG brands to stay connected to shoppers throughout their marketing planning, activation and attribution.

We’ll help you connect your brand with millions of the right shoppers, and bring them highly relevant cross-device messages with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. With the industry’s most exhaustive and persistent shopper profiles ever available to CPG marketers, you’ll reach the right shoppers for years, for ongoing, person-level conversations about your brand.

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“We used Conversant to create an audience of likely purchasers.
We saw a 19% sales lift and a $7:1 return on ad spend!”

– Marketing Manager, Snack Food Brand


Drive growth and keep pace with new technologies and shopper demands.

Online giants are crowding the marketplace, and traditional grocery retailers must rethink their in-store experience, business models and marketing strategies to survive.

With a robust, omnichannel presence, you’ll reach shoppers whenever and wherever they are to compete with the online grocery giants and gain marketshare. You’ll grow basket size, increase purchase frequency, deepen your relationships and extend your loyalty base.

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“We’re thrilled with Conversant’s individual-level strategy, and their incrementality
that allowed us to measure our efforts with real transparency.”

– Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, In-Home Delivery Service


Know what & when auto consumers want to buy, and speak to them with dealer-level personalization.

Deliver real-time sales and services messages to car owners and in-market customers, before, during and after they’re on the lot.

With dealer-level personalization, you’ll extend your direct mail and email marketing online to build and deepen your relationship with each customer throughout their lifetime. And you’ll be sure you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely, with always-on performance reporting.

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“Adding digital increased our service repair orders by 22% in one quarter.”

- VP of Digital Marketing, Top 10 Automotive Manufacturer