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Speak to new & current shoppers with person-level relevance, wherever they are in the purchase cycle.

Goals We’ll Help You Reach

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    Drive shoppers to specific retailers

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    Grow penetration and acquire new customers

  • Retail_IWS_Vertical_Goals_Get customers to buy at your store more often

    Retain your customers and drive them to purchase more

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    Maximize purchases when you launch new products and product extensions

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    Message and conquest your competitors’ high-propensity buyers

How We’re Different

  • Best-in-Class Identity Resolution

    Find your largest and most responsive potential audience from among 200+ million people, and reach them across all their devices and browsers.

  • Better Knowledge of Your Shoppers

    Know more about every shopper, including what they buy, where and how often they shop, what they browse online and 1,800+ attributes from top data and measurement partners.

  • More Relevant,
    Shopper-Level Messages

    Reach shoppers with unprecedented accuracy, optimizing for unique reach and frequency at the individual or household level.

  • More Accurate Measurement

    With direct match integration to measurement partners, you’ll have verified, full visibility into your campaign’s power.

Our CPG Audiences: A Sample

With best-in-class identification and direct match integration with leading third-party transaction data partners, you’ll find all the right people, including:

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    • Shoppers at Specific Retailers*
    • Home Cooks & Bakers
    • Grillers
    • Moms
    • Millennials
    • Home Entertainers
    • Entertainment Enthusiasts
    • Healthy Lifestyles
    • Active Shoppers
    • Pet Owners

    *Built from opt-in GPS location data,
    accurate within 3.5 meters

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg

    • Regular Buyers of Your Brand
    • Lapsed Buyers of Your Brand
    • Competitors of Your Brand
    • Buyers of RTD Coffee Beverages
    • Salty Snack Buyers
    • Natural/Organic Purchasers

Ready to reach and convert the right shoppers for your brand across all their devices?

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