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    What you'll achieve with our data and expertise:

    • Connect with millions of the right shoppers across devices and channels with unprecedented accuracy
    • Get a complete picture of each shopper based on their past purchases, online behavior, shopping preferences and more
    • Deliver personal, purposeful shopper-level messages that foster lifelong loyalty
    • Drive shoppers to specific retailers
    • Benefit from a stable solution that lets you manage your shopper interactions in a way never before possible


    Best-in-class identity

    people to message
    profile attributes
    matching accuracy

    goals we'll help you reach

    Optimize every interaction with stable shopper identities


    Know shoppers as individuals

    With insights into individual shoppers, you’ll know who your customers and prospects are and what they like. You’ll build a deep profile of each shopper based on what they buy, where and when they shop, if they shop online or in-store, what brands they prefer and more. You’ll then use that data to create ongoing, meaningful conversations that keep them buying from your brand for years.


    Find and retain shoppers with powerful data

    Combine your first-party shopper data with third-party data and our unrivaled consumer insights to create connections that deliver exceptional business outcomes. We’ll help you retain and grow relationships with your best shoppers, acquire new shoppers with similar profiles, and even message your competitors’ buyers to gain a competitive edge.


    Personalize shopper-level messages

    Shoppers want a seamless, easy and consistent experience with your brand. They also want you to speak to them based on their preferences and how they’ve interacted with you before. We’ll help you connect with shoppers across their mobile, tablet and desktop devices with relevant and meaningful messages that are custom-built for each individual.


    Optimize campaigns in-flight

    To maximize return on ad spend (ROAS), brands need to deliver the most relevant offers at the best moments on the optimal device—every time. Our self-learning machines continuously observe and improve on your performance, and make intelligent real-time decisions about when and how to interact with each shopper. For instance, as soon as someone buys a product, they’ll stop seeing messages about it. And you’ll use that data to find people similar to the buyer, and drive purchases from them, too.


    Get more accurate measurement

    Confirm that your investment is paying off by verifying in-store sales with your partners. We’ll give you insights into which shoppers made a purchase, where they made it and what products they bought. You’ll also know who failed respond to your offer. Armed with this powerful data, you’ll refine your audience, messaging and strategy, and optimize future interactions you have with every shopper.

    Case Studies


    Launching an ice cream brand with cross-device video


    Driving medicine sales at a large pharmacy retailer


    Driving beer sales with video and display


    CPG marketers: focus on data to boost engagement and sales
    October 04, 2018

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