Drive more sales by connecting with the individual beauty of each shopper
Beauty is in the eye of the customer. When you customize brand messages based on each consumer’s definition of beauty, you’ll drive stronger brand sales everywhere your products are sold. And with visibility into each path to purchase—online and offline—you'll get a true measurement of your marketing’s performance.

Beauty solutions

Activate retailer data
Reach in-market shoppers using actionable online and offline data from key beauty retailers.
Acquire customers
Efficiently identify the right new shoppers, and keep them for a lifetime.
Partner with retailers
Maximize your return on partner budgets with smart connections to in-market shoppers.
Grow relationships
For direct-to-consumer brands, activate your first-party data for more meaningful messages across channels.


Select which UPCs you want to promote

Build campaigns to support any business goal with normalized brands and products across multiple retailers.

Identify the right in-market audience

Find the right shoppers based on past purchases and online activity with you or your competitors.

Deliver the right message

Reach shoppers with personalized creative at the best moments on the devices they’re most likely to convert on.

Optimize in real time

Use transaction and browsing behavior data to update your campaign’s audience in real time, for maximum efficiency.

Gain more transparent measurement

Get SKU-level measurement across multiple retailers, plus overall brand lift.


Watch these examples from our clients.

Deliver dynamic ads that drive more purchases

This ad unit delivers a relevant coupon that’s easily downloaded into the shopper’s camera roll.

Make each customer feel noticed with customized creative

This mobile interactive unit curates seasonal content and promotions for each user, based on past purchases and browsing.

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