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Acquire and retain customers with meaningful interactions that drive more profit Watch the video

Don’t just acquire customers. Retain and protect them.

Build customer loyalty by creating meaningful interactions across all their devices—while respecting their privacy.

Reach your customers at every point in their journey


Connect with your ideal prospects and attract them to your brand with relevant messages.


Accelerate their relationship with you through first usage and feature adoption.


Use in-depth, person-level insights about each customer to upsell and increase their overall usage.


Based on their real-time and anticipated needs, deliver relevant messages for products that will engage each customer.


Strengthen relationships for years, with conversations that grow as customers enter different life stages.

Case Studies


Connecting customer data to drive credit card signups


Activating and motivating cardholders with digital


Driving new credit card accounts with digital cross-sell

goals we'll help you reach


Ensure your brand and customers are protected

We know that privacy and industry compliance are top priorities for you and your customers. With our privacy-first approach, you’ll bring your customers messages they care about without using PII, so they feel safe and understood.

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Create longer, more accurate connections

Not only do you want to find the right customers, you also want to build long-lasting relationships with them. We’ll help you identify the best audiences from among 200+ million people and reach them across their devices with 96% accuracy. And your connections will last, even when they delete their cookies and upgrade their devices. After two years, you’ll still connect with 80% of them.


Personalize your customers’ lifecycles

With person-level insights across 7,000+ privacy-protected profile attributes, you’ll identify your current and potential customers based on their purchases, life stages, behavior, preferences and more. You’ll bring them the most relevant messages and advice when it matters most to them, throughout their financial lifecycle.


Drive more efficient marketing spend

You want to get the most value out of every marketing dollar you spend. Through our advanced machine learning, we’ll help you anticipate people’s real-time financial needs and seamlessly connect with them, maximizing your marketing budget without wasting money on the wrong people, poor timing or irrelevant messages.


Measure performance with complete transparency

Everything we do is based on proof and performance. With a complete view of your performance, you’ll measure the impact of every conversation and gain full, closed-looped visibility into the actual return on every marketing dollar you spend.

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Attract, retain and protect your customers.

Deliver person-level messages that help you gain new customers and deepen relationships, all in an environment that's free of personally identifiable information (PII). By identifying your customers and best prospects from among 200+ million people, each with 7,000+ person-level attributes, you’ll create meaningful connections across all their devices to earn their loyalty for years.

Conversant works with brands across the financial services industry to attract and retain customers, including private label credit card & card issuers, banks, insurance companies, and mortgage lenders. We do this by identifying your best prospects and customers from millions of customer profiles, understanding their preferences and historical behavior based on thousands of attributes, and then connecting with them through personalized, 1:1 interactions that are relevant and meaningful. Our privacy-first approach ensures that every interaction with your customer meets privacy and compliance regulations.