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Connect with the right people

We’ll help you reach prospects with the highest long-term value, and bring them relevant offers across all their mobile and desktop devices to increase your budget efficiency and drive better outcomes. And through our partnership with a major credit bureau, you’ll reach a massive digital prescreened audience at a low cost per acquisition not available through other channels.

did you know?

48% YoY search growth
Web searches related to mortgages, credit, loans and insurance have grown 48% year-over-year.
67% of millennials
67% of millennials have said they want a more seamless banking experience.
51% of cards
51% of cards are opened online, versus 27% in a branch.

A revolutionary way to prescreen and convert people on

Cost and time efficiency
Eliminate waste and reach only the right people when they’re most likely to act.
Privacy & compliance
Protect consumers’ personal info through a major credit bureau’s FCRA-compliant digital prescreen process.
Get access to millions of high-value, credit-active individuals.

Case Studies


Identifying, prescreening and converting on digital


Efficiently growing private-label credit card signups


Efficiently growing new checking accounts

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Customers now expect financial services organizations to interact with them across digital devices and channels. They want to do business with brands that know who they are, what they like and that they can interact with them anytime, anyplace using the device they prefer.  You need the ability to all of this. But…it is also no longer about acquiring the most customers, but about acquiring the right customers.

Conversant can help you meet all of these expectations while increasing your budget efficiency so you can gain new quality customers that will stay with you for a lifetime. We combine your valuable first-party data with our data on over 200 million customers to identify the best prospects and customers based on over 7,000 attributes. This gives you deep insight into who your customers are including where they bank, if they prefer online or in-person banking, what products and services they use, and more.

Armed with this person-level data, we help you create ongoing, personalized connections with customers that are relevant, consistent and meaningful – not to mention timely. Because our self-learning machines update 1+ billion times every 5 minutes, as millions of people take action across channels, our system knows in milliseconds how and when to interact your customers using the right digital message that will get them to take notice. 

We understand the unique requirements and challenges for financial services organizations, which is why we have partnered with a major credit bureau to provide you with a huge audience of prescreened customers at a much lower cost than you would get through other channels. By connecting with high-value, credit-active customers,  you will increase efficiency, improve outcomes all while reducing costs.