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Make your customers feel valued, and give them reasons to use more of your offerings.

The best way to protect your brand from losing customers is to quickly engage with them and continuously deliver value as their financial needs change. With our end-to-end lifecycle management solution, you’ll anticipate your customers’ financial needs so you offer the most relevant solutions in real time. You’ll reach them when they’re most likely to respond—from graduating college to preparing for retirement and everything in between.

reach more customers

compared to industry averages of 30–50%
match rates

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Stay connected
With privacy-protected customer IDs that never fade, you’ll keep in touch for years.
Anticipate customers’ needs with our data on web activity that happens outside of your brand website.
See your marketing’s impact with closed-loop measurement on every dollar you spend.

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Driving new credit card accounts with digital cross-sell


Retaining existing account owners through digital

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Delivering a great customer experience is your biggest competitive advantage and the key to keeping your customers happy and loyal. Customers want an ongoing, one-to-one relationship with their financial services providers. That means every interaction you have with your customers needs to be personalized, meaningful, and relevant. You need to make your customers feel special and unique and give them reasons to use more of your offerings.

To do this you must understand who your customers are as individuals and know when, where and how you should engage with them to deliver continuous value. Are they going to college? Did they graduate from college? Did they buy a new home? Did they get married? Did they move to a more expensive region? Your customers’ financial needs will continue to change over their lifetime. You need the ability to know when and how their needs change so you can quickly offer them new, relevant solutions when they are most likely to engage with your brand.

Conversant gives you the ability to know your customers based on over 7,000 attributes so you can target those customers most likely to add a new product or sign up for a new service. Because our self-learning machines update 1+ billion times every 5 minutes, as millions of people take action across channels, our system knows in milliseconds if your customers’ financial needs have changed. It can then anticipate their potential needs (e.g. a new mortgage, student loan, home equity line, etc.) and interact with them at the optimal moment using the right digital message that will inspire action.

Conversant works with brands across the financial services industry to attract and retain customers, including private label credit card & card issuers, banks, insurance companies, and mortgage lenders. Our privacy-first approach will also ensure that every interaction with your customer meets privacy and compliance regulations.

We also give you the ability to measure performance with complete transparency. With a complete view of your performance, you can measure the impact of every conversation and gain full, closed-looped visibility into the actual return on every marketing dollar you spend. You can then replicate your successes and modify your communication and strategy to optimize every customer conversation and improve business outcomes.