Grocery Retail

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While stores are being attacked by big guys like Amazon & Walmart, the majority of shoppers prefer the in-store experience.


77% of shoppers prefer to pick out their own groceries
81% are happy to switch stores if you offer comparable prices

Keep grocery conversations going for a lifetime

By having more purposeful interactions, you'll find new shoppers, win back lapsed ones and keep your best shoppers coming back.

what we'll help you with


Keep your best shoppers coming back

Create personal, purposeful interactions to grow a lifetime of loyalty. With accurate identification of your best shoppers and deep insights into how they spend time and money across 7,000+ attributes, you’ll deliver relevant messages and offers across their channels and devices—making them feel valued and increasing their visits and purchases.


Find new shoppers & win back lapsed ones

Grow marketshare by finding and reaching net-new shoppers (including those of your biggest competitors) who look like your best shoppers. Attract them to your brand with messages that are relevant and personally tailored to them. Identify which once-loyal shoppers have stopped buying from you, and send them enticing, personalized messages that inspire them to come back.


Build connections that meet your goals

Personalize your interactions with each shopper to boost private-label sales and cross-sell specific categories, all with SKU-level optimization. Monetize your data and capture a share of your CPG partner brands’ shopper marketing and digital media budgets—driving sales of their products at your stores.


Grow revenue & find new revenue streams

Get deep, person-level insight into who your shoppers are, including their preferences, purchases and spending patterns. Then identify those in-market shoppers and send them relevant, person-level messages sourced from CPG brands’ national advertising budgets.

Case Studies


Creating healthy relationships, one customer at a time


Driving repeat purchases


Increasing customer value

goals we'll help you reach


Build more person-level connections

Find all the right shoppers—net-new, existing and lapsed—from among 200+ million people, then reach them with the most relevant messages across their devices and channels. With the ability to tie all their purchases (online and in-store) back to privacy-protected IDs, you’ll know them far beyond just their website cookies, and you’ll create ongoing, meaningful connections that last a lifetime.


Truly know your shoppers

Get a clear view of individuals across 7,000+ online & offline profile attributes, including 120+ million purchases observed daily. Know each shopper’s purchases, shopping preferences, locations, interests and more, so you’ll understand what motivates them and deliver dynamically tailored messages across all their devices.


Earn more revenue and spend more efficiently

Don’t waste money on messages that don’t motivate shoppers. We’ll help you create meaningful interactions with the right people, on their optimal devices, at the moments they’re most likely to engage. Intelligently decide who to reach, and have the opportunity to reach every one of them 178+ times per day with our self-learning, analytical machines that observe 200 billion interactions daily.


Get full transparency into your results

Achieve full, closed-loop visibility into your campaign’s power, with an accurate view of all the purchases that your marketing drives, online and in-store. We’ll give you insight into the impact of every marketing dollar spent, so you can optimize future campaigns and continue to grow your return on ad spend.


Reach your goals with industry-leading tech

Our technology is built to meet your revenue goals. Stay connected and relevant throughout the entire purchase funnel with our industry-leading match and reach rates and comprehensive shopper profiles. With our data-driven solutions, you’ll reach the right shoppers with messages that drive your most important business outcomes, such as boosting sales for specific locations, product categories and brands.

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