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Increase your shoppers’ loyalty & spend with a lifetime of person-level conversations.

Goals We’ll Help You Reach

  • Auto_IWS_Vertical_Goals_Boost owner loyalty and service retention

    Maximize loyalty with your best shoppers

  • Retail_IWS_Vertical_Goals_Get customers to buy at your store more often

    Encourage shoppers to buy more, more often

  • SalesIcon

    Grow revenue and secure new revenue streams

How We’re Different

  • People-Based Connections at Massive Scale

    Reach new, current and lapsed valuable shoppers from among 200+ million real people across all their devices, and stay connected to them for years.

  • Truly Know Your Shoppers

    Understand how your shoppers spend their time and money through a single view, across 7,000+ online & offline profile attributes and 120 million purchases observed daily.

  • Technology Built to Meet Your Goals

    Intelligently decide who to reach, and have the opportunity to reach every one of them up to 178 times per day with our self-learning, analytical machines that observe 200 billion interactions daily.

  • More Transparent Results

    Know your campaign’s impact on in-store sales with full, closed-loop visibility and an accurate view of your return on ad spend across channels.

Technology Built to Reach Your Revenue Goals

Stay connected and relevant through the entire purchase funnel with our industry-leading match rate and comprehensive consumer profiles. With truly personalized conversations, you’ll achieve all your goals:

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Drive in-store sales

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Grow shopper marketing programs, and access national digital media budgets

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Boost private-label brand sales and specific categories

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Encourage customers to buy more, and more often

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Reengage valuable lapsed customers

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Increase brand engagement through email signups, app usage and loyalty programs

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Strengthen brand awareness, perception & affiliation

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    Maintain a cohesive, multichannel experience

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