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Grow and strengthen your audience with more personal, purposeful messages than ever before, driven by powerful entertainment data.


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    Movies: Drive verified ticket buyers to the theater with the power of box office data.

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    TV: Reach the right viewers, and get them to tune in to your program.

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    Sports: Know your audience and what drives them, and get them to tune in, shop and buy tickets.

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Goals we'll help you reach

  • See your audience clearly, as individuals

  • Attract more viewers and fans

  • Connect with the right people anywhere

  • Increase purchase and subscription revenue

Drive more movie ticket sales

With more entertainment options than ever, identifying moviegoers can be an art form. With our Box Office solution, you’ll connect with millions of the right movie ticket buyers (and no one else) based on highly accurate, transaction-based entertainment data—including the titles they love and the purchase experiences they prefer. And you’ll stay connected to them for years, for lifelong connections.


Attract and retain new viewers

The television audience is getting bigger, making it harder to understand where and when everyone tunes in. We’ll help you select the best audience from among 200+ million viewers and bring them personalized messages across their desktop and mobile devices. You’ll know who tuned in and how to reach them again to promote season two or another show. And you’ll stay connected to your viewers even when they clear their cookies or upgrade their devices.


Activate your data for game-changing results

If you have first-party customer data, you can combine it with our unrivaled consumer insights to create more meaningful interactions that drive real business outcomes. Whatever business you represent—from theater chains to sports leagues to subscription entertainment—we’ll help you retain and grow relationships with your best customers while reaching new people who are similar to them, building bigger, stronger audiences than ever before.  


How we're different

  • Accurate, Persistent Connections

    Build human connections with your largest and most responsive potential audience from among 200+ million people, and stay connected to them for years.

  • Better Knowledge of Your Audience

    Get to the truth about each person, in real time, over their lifetime, with intelligence about their title-level ticket sales, TV-viewing behavior, online and offline purchases and more.

  • More Efficient Conversations

    Deliver highly personalized, relevant messaging across the devices of millions of the right people, and optimize every interaction, every time. 

  • More Transparent Measurement

    With a cohesive view of each person, you’ll measure ticket sales, tune-in and purchases driven by campaigns that you run with us and your other digital partners.

Our Solutions by the Numbers

With leading-edge identity-management technology, industrial-strength data science and deep brand intelligence, we enable marketers to make every interaction count.

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    200M real people you can message online today

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    50M known movie ticket buyers

  • Industry_Template_V3_05Dec2017-1.jpg
    16M TV viewers with second-by-second viewing history

  • profile_attributes_2_400x400
    7,000+ online and offline profile attributes

  • video_green_400x400
    540M video viewing hours analyzed monthly

  • profile_matching_2_400x400
    96% accuracy matching people to their devices

  • sales_green_400x400
    $95M box office revenue from messaged individuals

  • female_profile_green_400x400
    8.5M messaged individuals who tuned in

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