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      Movie marketer solutions

      Drive sales
      Connect with millions of movie ticket buyers using highly accurate entertainment data.
      Know your impact
      See your true ROAS and the reach, frequency and overlap across your digital partners.
      Use box office data
      Use first-party theater data to create personalized messages for moviegoers and prospects, across all their devices.

      goals we'll help you reach


      Reach the right moviegoers (and no one else)

      Don’t waste your time or money advertising to the wrong audience. We’ll help you select the ideal movie ticket buyers from millions of people based on 7,000+ profile attributes, including title-level and theater-level purchases, TV viewership and online browsing.


      Deliver the most relevant message, every time

      Moviegoers want seamless, consistent interactions with you. They also want you to speak to them based on who they are and what they like. We’ll help you reach every moviegoer across their mobile, tablet and desktop devices with calibrated, person-level frequency. You’ll send personal, purposeful messages to moviegoers at the moments they’re most likely to react, on the devices they prefer.


      Measure, optimize and improve your ROI

      Knowing what is and isn’t working is critical to ongoing success. You’ll know who bought tickets to your movie, what drove them to their purchase and whether your investment is paying off. You’ll optimize every conversation with machine learning driven by person-level insights, to make every message more efficient. And you’ll get the data you need to refine your audience and strategy to optimize future promotions.


      Continue the conversation

      Attracting new movie ticket buyers isn’t enough. You also want to keep them motivated for years. We’ll help you build and grow your connections with each moviegoer, so you can reach them again and drive them to new movies, home entertainment releases and sequels.

      Case Studies


      Box office marketing without TV advertising


      Driving ticket sales for a movie franchise


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