Boost movie theater sales

Reach all the right small screens to sell tickets for your big screens Watch the video

Get more people to your theaters

No one else can reach all the right small screens to drive sales at your big screens. Deliver relevant messages today, tomorrow and for every movie your guests want to see.

Reach all your goals


Drive incremental sales from your guests

We’ll match your data to our moviegoer profiles, so you can deliver the most relevant messages to lapsed guests—such as showtimes for the genres they prefer, and deals for their favorite concession items. And we’ll inspire sales from your website visitors by knowing within milliseconds the message that will get them to take notice. For instance, if they abandon your “coming soon” page, we’ll tell them about upcoming films at the closest theater.


Attract the best new prospects

By comparing your best guests to our pool of 200 million moviegoers, we’ll help you identify which prospects are a perfect fit for your theaters. And we’ll help you conquest competitors by reaching verified moviegoers who don’t visit your theaters—yet. With deep insight into their behaviors and preferences, you’ll deliver relevant messages about movie listings, showtimes and offers that will attract them to your theaters.


Grow your loyalty program

Strengthen your relationship with each guest for years. We’ll help you identify your best guests and encourage signups for your loyalty or subscription program by sharing the benefits that are most relevant to them—such as savings on tickets for frequent guests, or discounted concessions for snackers.


Drive sales at specific theaters

Use tailored, geo-specific marketing to increase sales at selected theaters by creating meaningful interactions with the right moviegoers. Scale to support the needs of thousands of locations at once. For example, spend more on theaters that need the most support, or generate foot traffic for grand openings. And with access to reports on location-specific sales across all buying channels, you’ll know the impact of your marketing spend at each location.


Partner with the movie studios

Your studio partners are spending marketing dollars to promote their movies. Maximize the benefit of those budgets on your own business. We’ll activate each studio’s budget to connect with the ideal moviegoers for each film, and deliver messages that drive them to see it at your theaters. It’s the most accurate way for your partners to activate their dollars with your data. And with transparent measurement of all sales (online and at the box office), you’ll prove that it’s working.

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