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      Use person-level data and connections to attract viewers and keep them tuned in View more digital

      Connect with individual TV viewers, not demos

      People can choose from more screens and entertainment options than ever. How do you stay connected?

      We offer the industry’s only identity solution that lets you reach TV viewers across all their devices—seamlessly and accurately. We’ll help you build audiences based on the real-time, online and offline data of millions of TV viewers. Armed with this information, you’ll run efficient, performance-based campaigns that deliver unique messages to each person.

      You’ll know exactly who tuned in and how to reach them again for future promotions. And you’ll stay connected to your viewers even when they clear their cookies and upgrade their devices.


      Solutions for TV Marketers


      Drive tune-in with deep viewer insights

      Combine DISH viewership data with our unrivaled viewer insights to create personalized messaging that gets people to tune in. We’ll help you retain and grow relationships with your best viewers, reach prospects with similar profiles, and build bigger, stronger audiences than ever before.

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      Measure viewership and refine your strategy

      Verify that your investment is paying off with insight into which viewers are tuning in and which ones fail to convert. With this powerful data, you’ll refine your audience, messages and strategy to optimize future interactions and promotions for each viewer.

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      Stay connected to your audience

      Relying on cookies only gives you info about the devices, not the people who use them. We’ll work with you to create a single view of each viewer based on their personal attributes, such as online behavior and tune-in history. And you’ll continue the conversation into next season, even when they clear cookies or change devices.

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      Uncover audience insights

      Gain real-time insight into viewers to know who they are and what they like. We’ll help you build a deep profile of each viewer based on their demos and TV-viewing behavior, such as the networks and shows they watch (including your competitors’ shows), the genres they prefer, and if they tune in live or on DVR. You can then use that data to customize ongoing conversations that get them to tune in to your program, again and again.

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