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Create connections with millions of hungry people, and feast on increased marketshare, sales and loyalty.

We support the needs of every marketer

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    Quick Service & Fast Casual: Find and reach hungry people ready to spend with your brand.

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    Casual Dining: Deliver personalized offers that satisfy customers and bring them back for more.

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    Fine Dining: Know which audiences are most likely to spend more on their dining experiences.

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    Meal Kits: Message the right people based on their diet preferences, lifestyle and spending habits.

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    Delivery Services: Connect with busy people looking for on-the-move dining solutions.

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Goals we'll help you reach

  • Drive measurable results across your locations

  • Increase share of wallet and frequency of visits

  • Acquire new guests and expand your customer base

  • Grow brand engagement and loyalty

  • Boost online and mobile ordering

Attract and retain new guests

Find out what your customers crave so you can drive real outcomes. We’ll help you select the best people from among our 200+ million profiles, and deliver relevant offers across their desktop and mobile devices with industry-leading 96% accuracy. You’ll have unrivaled insight into purchase data and order history—including how your customers spend with competitors—and use our powerful online personalization tools to entice them to try your menu.


Build an appetite for your brand

Sometimes it only takes the first visit to create a lifelong customer. Our branding solutions help you drive awareness in markets and to audiences where your restaurants, franchises and delivery services are most likely to succeed. Promote the latest grand opening, or tell guests about new menu items. With one unified view of each person across their channels and devices, your brand can reach new and existing guests with personalized incentives to visit on their next lunch break or sign up for your service.


Drive loyalty and engagement

Smarter interactions with your guests drive stronger business outcomes. We’ll help you increase visit frequency with rewards and incentives to sign up for your newsletter, join your loyalty program and download your mobile app. Deliver personalized offers that save your customers money and increase your brand’s share of wallet (and stomach) over time.


How we're different

  • Better Knowledge of Your Audience

    Get to know 200+ million people across more than 7,000 person-level attributes that constantly update with each interaction, including their past visits to your (and competitors’) restaurants and which channels they purchase on.

  • Personalized Messages to Millions

    With a human-focused approach, you’ll deliver highly relevant media to all the right people nationwide, and at targeted regional, franchise and individual store levels.  

  • More Transparent Reporting

    Everything we do is based on truth, proof and performance. Know exactly how your online efforts impact sales, from guests visiting your restaurants to pickup, delivery and online ordering.

Our Solutions by the Numbers

With leading-edge identity-management technology, industrial-strength data science and deep brand intelligence, we enable marketers to make every interaction count.

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    200M+ real people you can message online today

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    7,000+ online and offline profile attributes

  • location_green_400x400
    5B+ opt-in GPS location points captured daily (accurate within 3.5 meters)

  • reach_green_400x400
    80% of people stay reachable after two years

  • profile_matching_2_400x400
    96% accuracy at matching people to their devices

  • video_green_400x400
    Real-time personalization on display and video media

  • measure_green_400x400
    Closed-loop measurement, online and offline

Start getting the business outcomes you’re hungry for.

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