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what we'll help you with

Acquire customers
Efficiently identify the right new customers, and keep them for a lifetime.
Grow each relationship
Make every interaction meaningful, so customers feel valued and their loyalty grows.
Choose your outcomes
Drive specific results, such as boosting sales for a specific store or category.

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Creating healthy relationships, one customer at a time


Putting low match rates to bed


Making more happen with digital marketing

how we're different


Create persistent, lifetime customer connections

Reach the right customers from among 200+ million real people (not just their cookies) with dynamic messaging across their devices and browsers. With the ability to map each customer’s online and offline purchases back to a single, privacy-protected ID, you’ll create ongoing, meaningful connections that last for years—and in the most cost-efficient channel.


Deliver highly personalized messages

Get deep insight into each customer across 7,000+ online and offline attributes, built from person-level data that includes 200 billion daily online interactions. Eliminate budget waste by understanding what motivates your customers, how they spend their time and money, where and when they like to shop, their hobbies, interests and more, and then dynamically building and delivering the most relevant messages every time—driving optimal results.

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Drive more efficient marketing spend

Don’t waste money on messages that don’t motivate your customers. We’ll help you create meaningful connections with everyone, on the optimal device, at the moments they’re most likely to engage. With more than 178 opportunities a day to reach every customer with unprecedented accuracy, you’ll optimize for unique reach and frequency through self-learning analytics, making your dollars go further.


Have more transparent measurement

Achieve full, closed-loop visibility into your campaign’s power, with an accurate view of your return on ad spend across channels—online and in-store. We’ll give you insight into the impact of every marketing dollar you spend, so you can optimize future campaigns to improve your business outcomes.

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