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Activate your data like never before to drive outcomes for your business.

Goals We’ll Help You Reach

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    Acquire new customers and keep them for a lifetime

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    Protect and grow your share of wallet

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    Activate your data insights to drive multiple outcomes

How We’re Different

  • Persistent Connections for a Lifetime

    Reach the right customers from among 200+ million real people (not cookies) across all their devices and browsers, based on verified online and offline transactions that tie back to a single ID, so you stay connected for years.

  • True 1:1 Personalization Across Devices

    Understand how each customer spends their time and money, across 7,000+ online & offline profile attributes and 200 billion online interactions observed daily, to deliver dynamically tailored messages across all their devices.

  • More Efficient Marketing Spend

    With up to 178 opportunities per day to reach every customer with unprecedented accuracy, you’ll optimize for unique reach and frequency through self-learning, analytical machines to make your dollars go further.

  • More Transparent Measurement

    Achieve full, closed-loop visibility into your campaign’s power, with an accurate view of your return on ad spend across channels.

Outcome-Driven Solutions Built for Your Goals

Combine your customer data with our extensive, person-level data and reach the right audience to meet all your goals, including:

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    Gain new-to-file shoppers at scale, with more lifetime value than other channels

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    Maximize lifetime value by retaining, nurturing and winning back both online and offline shoppers

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    Monetize your audience by scaling partner-funded campaigns with automated SKU-level audience optimization and reporting (both online and offline)

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    Maximize sales at specific locations by reaching in-market, local consumers, fueled by 5B+ location points observed daily, and get reporting for store-specific online and offline sales

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    Drive loyalty by increasing brand engagements such as PLCC applications, loyalty program signups and registry signups

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