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Put your customer data to work

Your first-party data has everything you need to retain customers and attract new ones—if you use it right. When you combine your customer data with our extensive data on millions of people (including their online and offline purchases, preferences and browsing behavior), you’ll get a comprehensive view of each customer. You'll understand what motivates them, how they spend their time and money, where and when they like to shop, and more.

Then use our closed-loop reporting to see all sales that your marketing drives, so you know your actual return on ad spend.

benefits of partnering with us


Use smart, cutting-edge technology

For true 1:1 digital marketing, you need to deliver personalization to all your customers. Yet 75% of marketers don’t have the technology—or don’t use it effectively enough—to get it right. We have the tools and expertise your company needs.

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Work with a single end-to-end partner

For the best results, you shouldn't work with a fragmented group of specialized partners (such as DMPs, DSPs and measurement vendors). 85% of digital marketers already know that it’s better to work with one end-to-end solution. You’ll get far greater reach and accuracy. Source: Forrester

what we can help with

Store-level sales
Send tailored messages to the right local customers to drive sales at specific locations.
Partner-funded campaigns
Tap into brand partners’ budgets and sell more of their products at your stores.
Non-sales conversions
Grow loyalty by having customers complete actions such as email & registry signups.
Product categories
Drive sales by introducing customers and prospects to specific product categories.
Private label credit card usage
Get customers to use your PLCC more, with messages that encourage and reward them.
Monetize your data
Tap into a new market and benefit from national brand advertising for the first time.

Case Studies


Driving in-store sales at specific new stores


Driving specific category sales


Reaching in-market shoppers to maximize partner budgets

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