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Maximize each customer’s lifetime value

Deepen your customer relationships with highly personalized conversations that last for years. It starts with mapping your customers' data to a single, privacy-protected ID. You’ll get a complete view of them across 7,000+ person-level attributes, including where they shop, what they spend, where they go and what they like to do. Then deliver relevant messages to each customer at the moment they’re most likely to engage—driving real business outcomes.

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Re-activate valuable lapsed customers

Identify which loyal customers have stopped shopping with your brand. Then, by combining your own customer data (such as historical spend and preferences) with our vast database of person-level data—including which competitors they shop with—you’ll create personal, purposeful messages that make them feel valued and encourage them to come back to your brand.


Retain site visitors

Get real-time insight into who your site visitors are, including their browsing history, preferences and shopping patterns. Armed with this information, you’ll send them the most meaningful messages and promotions. For example, if you know a visitor continues to view a page for a specific chair, and you also know they’re motivated by free shipping, you can reach them with a message that includes the chair and a free-shipping offer.


Increase your customers’ value through cross-sell

Once you understand your customers’ behavior, history and preferences, we’ll help you identify other products and services they may be ready to purchase. For example, if you know your customer is faithful to a certain brand of handbags, you can send them personalized messages about other products by that brand, such as sunglasses and shoes.


Drive incremental sales from customers

With real-time access to valuable information about your customers’ behavior and preferences, you’ll create continuous, relevant connections that drive additional sales. For example, if a customer recently purchased a treadmill, you can send them tailored offers for complementary gym equipment, such as weights and benches. Or you can send cross-sell promotions for items such as workout clothes and sneakers.


Drive non-sales conversions

Transactions aren’t the only goals you have for your customers. We’ll help you motivate them to complete non-sales events such as credit card applications, email signups, surveys and gift registry signups. You’ll identify the people most likely to complete the event, then serve them relevant messages across all their devices. And you’ll see every impression and messaged event to validate the results for yourself.

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Recognizing and connecting with customers at unprecedented levels


Nurturing customers to drive repeat purchases


Increasing the value of existing customers through cross-selling

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To keep your customers loyal to your brand, you need to continuously deepen your customer relationships with personalized interactions that are engaging, relevant and valuable. Conversant can identify your customers across their data and devices and give you a complete view of who they are based on thousands of attributes. Armed with this data, you can reward your best shoppers with offers and incentives, explore cross-sell opportunities, drive incremental sales based on previous purchases, or engage them with non-sales activities like credit card applications and email sing-ups to create stronger ties to your brand.