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Connect with travelers at every stage of their journey, creating meaningful connections wherever they go.


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    Hotel: Fill more rooms with the right travelers who will depart as loyal guests.

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    Cruise: Find the right prospects to set sail with your brand on a lifetime of voyages.

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    Airline: Deliver personalized brand experiences and watch your business results take flight.

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    Rentals & Parking: Drive convenience for busy travelers with location-based campaigns and loyalty offers.

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    Tourism: Understand the impact of your marketing and how it influences each visitor’s spending.


Goals we'll help you reach

  • Acquire and retain more guests

  • Increase loyalty and repeat bookings

  • Enrich travel experiences through upsell and cross-sell

  • Promote specific properties and destinations

  • Get an accurate measure of visitor spend

Win loyalty and repeat bookings

When travelers’ budgets are tight, brands must compete for every dollar. By combining your customer data with our human-powered insights, you’ll create conversations that bring travelers back to your brand—whether it’s making return visits to your destination, booking their next flight with you or reserving their next stay at your hotels and resorts.


Attract and retain new guests

From hotels to airlines to rental cars, travelers have an abundance of choices. We help you  deliver the most relevant offers to your guests and best prospects, driving them to choose your brand. You can activate your offline data to reach your guests online—and with our multi-sourced transactional data, you’ll connect with frequent travelers who will become your best guests.


Drive visits and trip spend, and accurately measure it

In tourism, attracting visitors to your destination, getting them to spend and then measuring that impact is always a top priority. With our tourism measurement solution, you’ll measure how many people your campaign influenced and where they spent their travel dollars, from on-site amenities and dining to local shopping, entertainment and more. Our comprehensive spending insights show you exactly how your tourism marketing impacts your bottom line.


How we're different

  • Accurate, Persistent Connections

    Get one reliable view of each person, eliminating identification errors, and reach across their devices with 96% accuracy. After two years, you’ll still connect with 80% of them.

  • Real-Time Personalization

    With a human-focused approach, you’ll achieve true personalization with every interaction, and deliver the most relevant message based on traveler-level knowledge that constantly updates.

  • More Transparent Measurement

    Everything we do is based on truth, proof and performance. You’ll see who received your message and when they book—even if it happens through a call center or travel agent.

  • Actionable

    Get to know 200+ million travelers across more than 7,000 person-level attributes, including their purchases, demographics and real-time travel intent data.

Our Solutions by the Numbers

With leading-edge identity-management technology, industrial-strength data science and deep brand intelligence, we enable marketers to make every interaction count.

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    200M+ real people you can message online today

  • profile_attributes_2_400x400
    7,000+ online and offline profile attributes

  • connection_green_400x400
    80% of online traveler connections maintained for more than two years

  • profile_matching_2_400x400
    96% accuracy at matching people to their devices

  • video_green_400x400
    Real-time personalization via high impact display and video messages

  • measure_green_400x400
    Closed-loop measurement to see online and offline bookings

Ready for your business outcomes to go further than ever before?

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