Drive the most meaningful relationships with extensive person-level data.

Experience the first Customer and Prospect Relationship Management (CPRM) Platform

Directly access the anonymized data of 200+ million real people, to analyze, build, activate and measure like never before.

Within the Mesobase® platform, each consumer’s online and offline lives are seamlessly united into a single anonymous identity across your brands and marketing platforms. This unprecedented intelligence brings you industry-leading accuracy at identifying consumers across devices, with omnichannel views of entire customer journeys.

You’ll have access to far more data than your first-party database. And you’ll have complete control, with self-service tools to analyze, model, build audiences, activate across channels, and set your own measurement and attribution.

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Use smart data across devices and channels

Power more of your marketing decisions with a deep understanding of each consumer’s communication preferences. With Conversant Decisions, you’ll serve the most compelling content on the channel and device where each consumer is most likely to engage—across email, direct mail and your website—without wasting money on messages that don’t motivate them.

By extending your intelligent, person-level digital messaging across all your channels, you’ll create a more rewarding experience for customers. And you’ll gain insights to make every future touchpoint with them even stronger.

The platform behind all our intelligence solutions

CORE (Conversant One-to-one Relationship Engine) is the massive, continually learning platform at the center of everything we do.

It builds the industry’s largest set of anonymized consumer data. And it intelligently aligns this data, measures it and makes decisions using it—driving the most meaningful customer relationships a brand can have.

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