Marketing & Media
Bring your messages to the best people, turning them into loyal customers.

Deliver a lifetime of perfectly tailored messages

Deepen your customer relationships with highly personalized conversations, delivered accurately across all their devices.

Conversant CRM combines your customer knowledge with an unprecedented amount of actionable consumer insights, so you'll have the most compelling conversation with each customer. And with closed-loop measurement and insights, you'll get a full view of the incremental impact of your marketing spend, both online and offline.

Want to focus your efforts on site visitors or a specific list of customers or prospects? With Cross-Device Remarketing and List Activation, you’ll recognize, reach and convert your ideal consumers with the same person-level targeting as CRM.

Add customers without wasting money

Welcome to the most efficient way to grow your customer base. With Conversant Acquisition, you'll reach prospects who look like your best customers, based on products they purchase and categories they like, while accurately excluding your existing customers.

Our advanced modeling makes 1+ trillion daily decisions across thousands of predictions to find you the right audience. And our massive scale lets you grow your addressable audience for years.

Gain smarter connections to the right in-market shoppers

Use your brand partners’ marketing dollars in the most efficient, effective way possible, driving powerful results they’ll see for themselves.

With Conversant Partner-Funded, you’ll maximize the return on your partners’ budgets by accurately delivering digital messages to the right in-market shoppers, driving sales of your partners’ products both in your stores and on your website. And with detailed reporting at the SKU, brand and enterprise levels, you’ll have the proven results you need to successfully advocate for more partner programs.

Reach beyond transactional goals

Transactions aren’t the only goals you have for your customers. With Conversant Actions, you’ll take advantage of our powerful person-level data, targeting and unique creative to motivate customers to complete events such as credit card applications, email signups and gift registry signups.

We’ll help you identify the consumers most likely to complete the event, then serve them relevant messages across all their devices. You’ll see every impression and messaged event to validate the results for yourself.

Find the right people for every message

Choose from hundreds of Conversant Audiences, built across consumers’ specific transactions, life events, locations, verticals and demographics. Or build a custom audience with the criteria you choose. Then deliver person-level messages to each consumer across all their devices.

With 200+ billion online interactions and 120 million online & offline purchases observed daily, you’ll know how consumers spend their time and money across 7,000+ profile attributes. And data is always tied to persistent, anonymized consumer IDs, so you’ll be confident you’re reaching the best person every time.