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Find the best prospects to reach your goals

With highly accurate, transaction-based views of millions of people, you'll identify which prospects are perfect fits for your brand, and convert them into lifelong customers.

how it works


Discover the right prospects

Identify prospective customers who align with your goals, and find new customers who look like your best customers. We observe 200+ billion online interactions and 120+ million purchases daily to find the best in-market consumers for your acquisition goals.


Create meaningful interactions

We’ll help you reach every prospect with personalized, relevant messages that drive them to purchase. With deep insight into each individual—including who they are, what they like and how they interact with your brand—you’ll be confident that every detail of each interaction (across device, message, offer type, image, frequency and beyond) is purposeful.


Measure results & grow your customer database

We’ll show you the impact of your efforts, with a transparent view of every impression and attributed conversion. You’ll validate for yourself—against your own data—that the buyers are overwhelmingly new-to-file. And with our unrivaled persistence (80% of your customers will still be reachable after 2 years), they’ll have higher lifetime values than customers acquired through cookie-based solutions, where connections are lost in weeks.

Case Studies


Driving new uniques to the Old Country Store


Creating healthy relationships, one customer at a time


Reach new customers efficiently and effectively

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Reach more valuable prospects that look like your best customers and are more likely to repeat purchases. Using verified transaction data (not just cookies or devices), you’ll accurately identify truly net-new customers while excluding current customers. Then, using insights based on 7,000+ unique profile attributes and 200 billion daily online interactions, you’ll know what motivates each prospect, and you'll deliver dynamically personalized messages across all their devices.

Our solution starts with onboarding your historical customer file and matching it to Conversant’s millions of privacy-protected profiles. Because we accurately identify if people are customers or prospects, we’ll separate out your existing customers from acquisition messaging and ensure that 95%+ of your spend is to true new prospects.

Each consumer profile combines the best of your data with our online interactions and person-level insights. Because we know what your best customers look like, we’ll precisely select the best true new prospects for your brand at scale and with maximal efficiency.

Our decisioning engine allows us to reach these qualified prospects with real-time, personalized, persistent advertising. Because we constantly receive new data points, your audience will continuously update to drive the strongest, most efficient performance. Not only can we help you acquire new customers, but we can also help you acquire your competitor’s customers, re-activate valuable lapsed customers, and gain new customers in specific product categories.

With closed-loop measurement, you’ll get a full view of the impact of your marketing spend, across online and offline purchases. You’ll validate, against your own data, that sales are from new-to-file customers. And each of them will have a higher lifetime value for your brand than customers acquired through cookie-based methods.