Category Acquisition

Drive sales to a specific category by introducing it to new or existing buyers Watch the video

Boost category sales by reaching the right people

With our deep, real-time insights, you'll build person-level messages that inspire sales in your most important categories.

how it works


Identify a category to promote

If you’re looking to drive category sales, you’re not alone. Over the past five years, 75% of companies have pursued at least one business activity in a new category to increase their profits. Determine which product category you want to drive sales in, whether it’s an existing category that needs new attention or a category that’s net-new to your business.


Recognize customers’ behavior

Our machine-learning capabilities analyze the early behavioral signs of customers who have bought in the specified category before, whether it was online or offline. Based on those contextual insights plus thousands more person-level attributes, we’ll develop a predictive model to recognize similar people who are ready to enter your category.


Deliver and optimize

Once we’ve identified the right people to reach, we’ll deliver messages across all their devices and continuously optimize in real time, removing each person as soon as they make a purchase. And with our real-time machine learning, you’ll continuously identify new individuals entering the category weeks before your competitors do.


Get proof of your performance

Measure the results your efforts with in-campaign reporting, including all the visits to your category webpage and the category sales that your messaging drives, both online and offline.

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Drive sales in a specific product category by introducing it to new or existing buyers, and measure all the purchases at the category level.

Conversant continuously observes behavioral changes to help you find people ready to learn about or purchase in a category that’s important to your brand. Then, with personal, purposeful messages, you’ll persuade them to buy in the desired category.

We start by knowing customers who have already purchased in your category, based on their online and offline transactional data. Through our 200B daily observations of online behavior (including contextual insights such as understanding specific video and article content), we identify and message people who exhibit early behaviors that are ideal for entering your category. Examples include: life events, browsing behavior, transactions (online and offline), changes in preference and indications that they’re ready for a brand switch. To maximize efficiency, we exclude customers who have already bought from your category, and we optimize your performance throughout the campaign.

You’ll get closed-loop measurement of category sales (both in your stores and on your website) and visits to your category’s site pages (indicating intent). Data feeds are provided to validate all the category sales your drive.