Location Driver

Identify & message the right local people to boost acquisition, retention and profits Watch the video

Drive traffic to your locations that need it most

You’ll increase visits to selected locations by delivering personal, purposeful messages across the devices of the right customers, at the optimal moments.

how it works


Match your data to our profiles

Match your enterprise-level data to our millions of consumer profiles with industry-leading 96% accuracy, so you’ll know who’s converting at each location. With our stable, persistent IDs, you’ll still be connected to 80% of your customers after 2 years.


Discover the best in-market consumers

Identify people who are most likely to convert at your location based on more than 7,000 person-level attributes, including their purchases, preferences, interests, online interactions and opt-in GPS location data.


Deliver messages across devices

Increase your conversion rates by creating meaningful, consistent and relevant interactions, every time you reach your customers. Connect with them with more precision than any other partner could provide. Every decision—across device, message, offer type, image, frequency and beyond—is unique, personalized and always focused on driving business to your preferred location.


Measure performance by location

Get reporting on location-specific sales across all buying channels, online and offline. You’ll have a complete, transparent view of the impact of your marketing spend at your location, with the ability to validate the results for yourself and optimize as you go.

Case Studies


Drive traffic and sales at new store openings

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There are a number of reasons brands may want to drive customers to specific locations. They may be opening new locations or refurbishing existing ones; promoting local campaigns, pop-up store locations, sales or loyalty programs; facing local competition; or want to keep their brand top of mind with their consumers. With Conversant Location Driver, we use a range of signals to drive consumers to physical locations, whether that be a special assignment, prior purchase history, geo location such as residence or IP and other profile attributes, to ensure that you're speaking to people with the highest potential to engage with these stores and drive outcomes.

Our solution starts with understanding your strategies for each location. We then match your enterprise-level customer data to our millions of privacy-protected profiles with industry-leading accuracy and persistence. This ensures that we identify and message the right local audience based on each person’s purchases (both online and offline), online interactions and location data, so you’ll drive the optimal audience to each location.

Each of our profiles combines your location-level data (including first- and third-party online and offline purchase data, web browsing activity, inventory levels and preferred locations and channels) with our exclusive intelligence (including each person’s locations, preferred shopping area and location at the time of impression). You’ll know which local people are in-market to convert at your location, and you’ll personalize every interaction with location-specific messaging.

It all adds up to millions of personal, purposeful conversations with your customers and prospects, all focused on driving business to your preferred locations. Transparent reporting on location- and enterprise-level conversions gives you a full view of the impact of your marketing spend, across all buying channels (including online-to-offline sales).