Maximize your return on partner budgets with smart connections to in-market shoppers Watch the video

Put your partners' dollars to work for you

Tap into your partners’ budgets and drive in-market shoppers to buy their products, both online and offline.

how it works


Pick the products to promote

Provide us with a list of SKUs that your brand partners want to drive purchases for. This can include new products, products that are part of a new product line, products in competitive markets and even products in your own private label line.


Identify the ideal shoppers

We’ll help you find in-market shoppers who will be interested in each SKU, and then we’ll accurately connect with them wherever they are online. By understanding shopper behavior across more than 7,000 attributes—including their brand and category preferences, purchases and shopping frequency—you’ll better predict who’s most likely to make a specific purchase and continue to drive revenue to your brand.


Deliver relevant messages to each shopper

We’ll help you create meaningful connections with shoppers that drive purchases online or in your store. With our intelligent machine learning capabilities, we continuously evolve your conversations based on real-time data and deliver the most personalized, relevant messages to the most qualified people for each of your brand partners’ products.


Measure the results

Show brand partners the return on their budgets with transparent, detailed reporting at the SKU, brand and enterprise levels. And with deep insight from our in-campaign reports, you’ll advocate for and increase future partner programs based on demonstrated success—helping you grow your share of partner budgets as well as your roster of partners.

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Reach in-market shoppers to maximize brand partner sales

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Your brand partners spend marketing dollars to promote their products across channels. Now you can use their budget in the most efficient, effective way possible—driving more sales with results they’ll see for themselves.

With Conversant Partner-Funded, you’ll maximize your brand partners’ budgets by accurately reaching the right in-market shoppers with digital messages that drive them to buy the products in your stores and on your website.

Each of our consumer profiles combines your first-party data (including the brands, items and categories they buy, and frequency with which they buy) with our exclusive intelligence across 7,000+ person-level attributes, to predict who’s most likely to purchase your brand partners’ products. We can pinpoint customers and audience segments based on who they are, their shopping and spending history, preferences, location and more, so you can reach in-market consumers for your brand partner’s with scale and accuracy. Our machine learning engine continuously refreshes your audience so that messages are only delivered to the most qualified shoppers.

You’ll get detailed reporting at the SKU, brand and enterprise levels that will support your partners’ continued investment in your brand. And with in-campaign reporting, you’ll get the proven results you need to successfully advocate for more partner programs in the future.