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Keep conversations going for a lifetime

With Conversant's One-to-one Relationship Engine, you'll make deeper connections with customers by continuously learning and growing with them over time.

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How advertising & messaging with CORE works


Connect with customers for a lifetime

CORE identifies all your customers from among 200+ million privacy-protected consumer IDs. You’ll discover 60–80% of them online, versus the industry average of 30–50%. You’ll match them to all their (average 6) devices and browsers with industry-leading 96% accuracy, to create ongoing, meaningful connections wherever they go. And your connections will last, even when they delete their cookies and upgrade their devices. After two years, you’ll still connect with 80% of them.


Continuously learn about them

CORE continuously attaches petabytes of person-level data to the right CORE ID, based on a deep, real-time understanding of your customers across 7,000+ attributes and decades of actions. Your customers’ profiles update based on what they buy (online and offline), where they go, what media they consume, their actions in loyalty programs, and cross-channel marketing data such as the emails and catalogs they receive.


Create real-time connections that matter

While your competitors make advertising decisions using data that may be months old, CORE’s self-learning machines update 1+ billion times every 5 minutes, as millions of people take action across channels. CORE knows in milliseconds exactly what digital message to send to each customer, when to say it and on which device, channel and format that will get them to take notice. It all happens while meeting our high standards for ad quality, across brand safety, viewability and fraud prevention.


Measure the power of your performance

With CORE, you’ll be confident you’re spending every advertising dollar efficiently. You’ll achieve full, closed-loop visibility into your campaign’s power, with an accurate view of your return on ad spend (ROAS) across channels—online and offline. With person-level insights, you’ll continuously learn from each customer’s actions and optimize every next message to them.

Case Studies


Creating healthy relationships, one customer at a time


Putting low match rates to bed


Converting millions of outdoor enthusiasts, one by one

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CORE is the massive, continually learning engine at the center of everything Conversant does. It builds the industry’s largest set of privacy-protected consumer data. And it intelligently aligns this data, measures it and makes decisions using it—driving the most meaningful customer relationships a brand can have.

Starting with highly accurate transactional data, CORE recognizes millions of people and assigns each of them a unique, privacy-protected CORE ID. Other solutions’ IDs may decay in a matter of days; our persistent CORE IDs continue building for years, allowing for lifelong connections.

Sourced from online and offline observations and all the campaigns we run, CORE collects petabytes of person-level data and aligns each item to the right CORE ID in real time. This drives an unrivaled understanding of everyone, across 7,000+ attributes. As more data is absorbed, the more we understand each person’s preferences, how they act and how they’ll respond in the future.

Based on the constant flow of data into CORE Profiles, CORE always knows exactly which individuals to connect with, what to say them, when to say it and on which device, channel and format. In real time, based on the freshest data, CORE delivers highly relevant, personalized advertising at the moment the consumer will be receptive to it. These one-to-one messages drive millions of purchases and other actions each day.

With closed-loop measurement, CORE continuously learns and optimizes for each campaign. It builds transparent reporting to help our clients see the power, value and incremental customer connections we bring them. Insights include privacy-protected, person-level behavior, including how they index against the total population.

With CORE, you’ll achieve:

  • Higher accuracy: With our deep, person-level understanding, you’ll connect to your customers and prospects across their devices with industry-leading precision.
  • Longer connections: All data ties back to consumer IDs that never perish, keeping your conversations going even when devices are lost, broken or replaced.
  • Greater relevance: Deliver dynamic marketing personalization that’s always unique at the person level, finely tuned to each consumer’s personal attributes.
  • Maximum reach: Our end-to-end solution prevents the audience loss typically seen when solutions are cobbled together from several vendors (e.g., a DMP, DSP and data onboarder).
  • Measurable results: It all adds up to one thing: powerful results you’ll see for yourself. Our personal, purposeful individualized marketing experiences drive an average 10x incremental return on ad spend.