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Conversant helps publishers like you generate the most revenue from your inventory by connecting your users with premium brands. We match users to all their devices with industry-leading 96% accuracy, then deliver the most relevant brand messages to them—driving revenue on all platforms, including Safari. Learn more about how our yield management tool and managed services will help you.

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More earning potential from more users


The highest level of ad quality

We have deep partnerships with many Fortune 500 brands, and we place user experience above all else. Our technology dynamically builds the creative layout, messaging and images for every ad, ensuring it’s relevant for each user and displays correctly. Your visitors will only see perfectly rendered, highly relevant ads that fit your site aesthetic.


Control and transparency

Our publisher user interface and API give you full control and transparency into your revenue-earning data in real time. You can customize and pull your own reports to drill down into the data that matters most to you. You can set revenue goals and watch our yield management tool optimize on its own. And you can manage your users’ experience, controlling with the click of a button the brands and types of messages they see.


Custom-built strategy and service

We’ll help you build a digital revenue strategy that supports your goals. Unlike with other ad exchanges, our full-service, cross-device account strategy and support are available to you at no cost. Our dedicated publisher development, integration and strategic partnership teams help you maximize your revenue from sites and apps quickly. And we’ll never drop you in an endless queue of customers.


Commitment to user privacy

We uphold the highest standards of privacy, and we hold board positions with the NAI, IAB Public Policy Council and DAA principles committee. And our complimentary consent management platform—used for gathering GDPR- and ePD-compliant consent from consumers for digital advertising—is available today for any publisher.

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