Publisher integrations

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Our integration solutions are designed to meet your needs with a range of integration options. We offer a one-stop shop for you to maximize revenue from your web and app inventory.

Integration options

20% Header bidding
Connect quickly through our numerous server-side and client-side header bidding integrations, featuring bidding in under 200ms.
With scalable, lightweight API integration, all apps and SDK can integrate our demand.
Direct tags
Gain access to Ad Serving and Publisher Common ID in one integration by implementing a single JavaScript tag.

In the digital age, customer experience is major competitive differentiator for today’s brands. Brands must be able to deliver personalized, consistent, and relevant messages to each customer, every time, across all channels and devices. Conversant enables them to do just that.

Conversant has over two decades of experience helping publishers like you generate the most revenue from your inventory by connecting your users with premium brands. Through a  combination of expertise and powerful technology, we match users to all their devices with industry-leading 96% accuracy, then deliver the most relevant brand messages to them—driving revenue on all platforms, including Safari.

Conversant identifies all customers from among 200+ million privacy-protected consumer IDs. Brands will discover 60–80% of them online, versus the industry average of 30–50%. They can match them to all their (average 6) devices and with high accuracy, to create ongoing, meaningful connections wherever they go. And those connections will last, even when customers delete their cookies and upgrade their devices. After two years, brands will still connect with 80% of them.

We deliver deep insight into each customer across 7,000+ online and offline attributes, built from person-level data that includes 200 billion daily online interactions. Brands can understand what motivates their customers, how they spend their time and money, where and when they like to shop, their hobbies, interests and more, and then dynamically build and deliver the most relevant messages every time—driving optimal results. Their visitors will only see perfectly rendered, highly relevant ads.

How can you enable brands to achieve these results so you can grow your profits? We’ll help you build a digital revenue strategy that supports your goals. Unlike with other ad exchanges, our full-service, cross-device account strategy and support are available to you at no cost. Our dedicated publisher development, integration and strategic partnership teams help you maximize your revenue from sites and apps quickly. And we’ll never drop you in an endless queue of customers.

We’re already helping publishers drive ad sales across video, mobile and desktop inventory. And our vetting process means that you’ll be on an exclusive ad platform that’s filled with premium publishers, just like you.

We offer various integration solutions to meet your specific requirements. First, you can choose header bidding integration options, both client-side and server-side, featuring bidding in under 200ms. Second, we offer a scalable, lightweight API integration, which means all apps and SDK can integrate our demand.  To ensure your integration success, our expert integration team will quickly create and efficiently manage your integration at every step of the way. 

Our publisher user interface and API give you full control and transparency into your revenue-earning data in real time. You can customize and pull your own reports to drill down into the data that matters most to you. You can set revenue goals and watch our yield management tool optimize on its own. And you can manage your users’ experience, controlling with the click of a button the brands and types of messages they see.