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with extensive person‑level data

Conversant maintains the industry’s largest set of anonymized consumer data, providing complete views of 200 million real people across their online and offline activity.

With our end-to-end solution, built on petabytes of intelligently aligned and constantly updating data, you’ll speak to your customers as individuals, not as cookies, devices or segments. You’ll have proactive, ongoing relationships with all of them. You’ll measure each dollar spent, and see the incremental return for yourself, across online and offline buying channels.

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Speak to customers

like you know them

Quick. Name 7,000 things you know about your customers.

We’ll help you with that. Our consumer profiles are built across 7,000+ privacy-protected dimensions. Every time we learn something new about a consumer, we add it to their profile in real time. These attributes fuel highly personalized media, across the devices of all your customers—driving a lifetime of purchases.

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All of your digital media should be viewable by a real person (not a bot) in a brand-safe environment. Otherwise, why would you want to spend your budget on it?

With verified individuals at the center of our data and a full-service team dedicated to your business, we deliver unparalleled ad quality. You’ll be confident that your messages reach a high-quality, non-fraudulent audience, with above-benchmark viewability.

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that perfectly fits your industry

Our expertise extends across multiple verticals, with industry-specific, person-level data powering digital marketing for brands like yours. Whatever your goal is—selling clothing, driving ticket sales, increasing prescriptions, keeping your auto customers coming back—we’ve got a solution tailored to your needs and to your target consumers.

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