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Digital marketing technology and services tailored to your industry and your specific goals.


Using the best person-level data, go beyond segments and connect one-to-one.

Stay competitive in the industry by strengthening your digital offering with an unrivaled amount of consumer data.

Our person-level profiles and pre-built and custom audiences are more robust than the lists and trading-desk networks you’ve had to rely on in the past. You’ll get unprecedented persistence, cross-device identification and scale, with the highest standard in viewability, brand safety and fraud prevention.

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“Conversant helped us reach our department store client's target audience,
increasing their online conversions by 30% and engagement by 25%." 

– Media Director, Digital Media Agency


Know what & when auto consumers want to buy, and speak to them with dealer-level personalization.

Deliver real-time sales and services messages to car owners and in-market customers, before, during and after they’re on the lot.

With dealer-level personalization, you’ll extend your direct mail and email marketing online to build and deepen your relationship with each customer throughout their lifetime. And you’ll be sure you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely, with always-on performance reporting.

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“Adding digital increased our service repair orders by 22% in one quarter.”

- VP of Digital Marketing, Top 10 Automotive Manufacturer


Speak to new & current shoppers with relevance, wherever they are in the purchase cycle.

Connect your brand with millions of the right shoppers, bringing them highly relevant, cross-device messages with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Know your shoppers as real people, not as segments, devices or site cookies. See online and in-store sales at the national and retailer-specific levels, and verify the results with leading third-party measurement providers NCS, IRI and RSI.

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“We used Conversant to create an audience of likely purchasers.
We saw a 19% sales lift and a $7:1 return on ad spend!”

– Marketing Manager, Snack Food Brand

Financial Services

Gain & retain financial customers, and win back your old ones.

With deep, privacy-protected customer knowledge, you’ll know when your customers are going to hit their next financial milestone—often before they realize it themselves.

Combine your online marketing into one end-to-end platform to deliver consistent, cross-device, cross-channel experiences, with continuous measurement to help you understand your customers’ long-term value. You’ll connect with all customers, old and new, with maximal efficiency and compliance.

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“We ended up getting 4,000+ new cardholders,
and we had a 6x more efficient cost per application.”

– Marketing Manager, Retail Brand's Private Label Credit Card


Know & efficiently connect with your shoppers, including offline ones, as real people.

With a robust digital presence that allows you to reach customers whenever and wherever they are, you’ll compete with the online grocery giants.

Our end-to-end technology lets you know and act on verified data about your customers and prospects. You’ll grow basket size, increase purchase frequency, deepen your current relationships and extend your loyalty base.

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“We’re thrilled with Conversant’s individual-level strategy, and their incrementality
that allowed us to measure our efforts with real transparency.”

– Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, In-Home Delivery Service


Reach all healthcare consumers for years, with more accuracy & relevance than ever.

Connect with consumers at any stage of the healthcare journey, and deliver extensive, condition-level and HCP content to each of them in high-quality, brand-safe environments.

You’ll measure the impact of your digital campaign on sales, prescription lift, insurance enrollments and more, all with the highest levels of data-privacy protection.

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“Within 2 months, the brand abandoned all other
targeted marketing tactics and relied solely on Conversant.”

– Corey Zucker, Director of Sales, Conversant for Healthcare

Media & Entertainment

Get moviegoers to the theater with the power of box office data.

Target only the right moviegoers using online and offline ticket sales from leading U.S. theater chains, and know when your message drives them to opening weekend and beyond.

You’ll engage them across all their devices with captivating video and display messages, delivered with maximal precision and minimal waste. And you’ll retain your connection to each audience member for years, making it easy to reach them about future movies.

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“We saw an average return on ad spend ranging from $15–$27.”

– Digital Associate Media Director, Major Movie Studio


Use person-level data to drive loyalty and visits to your casual-dining and quick-service restaurants.

Deliver highly relevant messages across the devices of millions of hungry people, driving brand awareness and gaining more customers and loyalty club members.

With the industry’s most accurate, exhaustive consumer profiles, you’ll find the right people and have conversations with them for years. And with closed-loop reporting, you’ll know exactly how your online efforts impact sales—including dine-in, pickup and delivery.

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“It is money well spent when a partner thinks
outside of the project confines—that is pretty rare.”

–Desiree Graham, Director of Restaurant Marketing, Cracker Barrel


Engage with all your online & offline retail customers as they move through the purchase funnel.

Recognize your customers and prospects with our extensive person-level profiles, informed by years of data from 400+ Blue Chip brands and 65 of the Internet Retailer Top 100.

Then reach them online with personalized messaging that features the perfect products, messages and offer every time, getting them to buy more, and more often. And with closed-loop online and in-store measurement, you’ll know your messages made an impact.

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“Conversant is able to reach and reengage our customers with unprecedented accuracy.”

– Joe Orlando, Director of Marketing, The Land of Nod


Know travelers better than ever and reach them with the most relevant messages.

Understand travelers across all stages of the purchase funnel to increase bookings and spending, drive loyalty signups, increase brand awareness and acquire new guests.

Our robust online and offline transaction data helps you target your current guests, reactivate lapsed guests and reach competitors’ customers to deliver the right messages across all their devices.

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“Conversant fundamentally revamped our retargeting strategy so
we could reach an audience we couldn’t find or reach before.”

– Steve August, Associate VP of Marketing & Analytics, Road Scholar