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Know what & when auto consumers want to buy, and speak to them with dealer-level personalization.

Goals We’ll Help You Reach

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    Boost owner loyalty & service retention

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    Get the most out of your marketing budgets

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    Speak to customers at the dealer level

How We’re Different

  • Accurate, Person-Level Targeting

    Precisely target in-market consumers by make, model, body style and more, and reach them across all their devices.

  • Persistent Messaging Across Channels

    Extend email and direct mail campaigns online with dealer-personalized conversations throughout your customers’ lifetimes.

  • More Transparent Measurement

    Have 24/7 access to performance reports, including dealer-level reach and cross-device insights.

Our Automotive Dimensions: A Sample

    • Vehicle make/model/year
    • Fuel type
    • First-seen date
    • Last-seen date
    • Class code
    • Manufacturing code

    • Mileage code
    • Style code
    • Number of cars
    • Number of trucks
    • Number of vehicles

Ready to reach consumers at every stage of the auto-buyer lifecycle?

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