for Restaurants

Use person-level data to drive loyalty and visits to casual-dining and quick-service restaurants.

Goals We’ll Help You Reach

  • Travel_IWS_Vertical_Goals_Increasing bookings and spending

    Drive measurable sales at all locations

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    Increase share of wallet within your category

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    Grow brand engagement & loyalty

How We’re Different

  • Truly Understand Your Guests

    Know when people order from your brand and competitors’ brands across every online and offline channel.

  • Personalize Your Messages to Millions

    Deliver dynamic display and video ads based on each customer’s cravings, at the national, regional, franchise and store levels.

  • Get Measurable, Closed-Loop Results

    Know exactly how your online efforts impact sales—including dine-in, pickup and delivery.

Examples of the Audiences We Offer

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    Connect With Your Customers

    Match your customer list to our online profiles and deliver relevant messages that reach all your goals:

    • Increase online & offline sales
    • Increase share of wallet
    • Promote your franchises & corporate locations
    • Reengage lapsed customers
    • Support seasonal promotions
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Grow your loyalty program

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    Find New Customers

    Across 200+ million potential guests in the Conversant network, find the right people, including:

    • Your competitors’ customers
    • Business travelers
    • Health-conscious customers
    • Parents on a budget
    • Millennials
    • Your own custom audience

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