Direct to Brands

Our full-service team works with brands to drive ongoing, remarkable results.

As your partner, we’ll manage your one-to-one marketing program end-to-end—from developing a strategy to building personalized ads to delivering them to the right people, every time.

The Team

Experts in creative, strategy, engineering, analytics and decision sciences will act as an extension of your own team. They’ll tailor their knowledge to your account, adopting your goals, brand guidelines and challenges as their own.

Ongoing Dedication

After a campaign launches, we continue to drive it in many ways, including:

  • Customizing and automating millions of ads, across all channels and devices.
  • Creating and adjusting highly targeted promotions to specific channels and audiences.
  • Optimizing the spend to acquire the best new customers.
  • Increasing customers’ purchase frequency and average order value.
  • Getting lapsed and one-time buyers to come back.
  • Complementing your loyalty programs, credit card programs, direct marketing campaigns and more.

Program Visibility

Our proactive communication and interactive tools give you visibility and control over creative approvals, budget management and ROAS optimization. You can rest assured that you’re making the smartest investment decisions and adhering to the highest brand and quality standards.

The Benefits

You’ll have the full benefits of all of our products and tools, bringing you the four one-to-one marketing essentials:

  • Recognition & Reach. We’ll find you the right consumers, across all of their devices, with unprecedented accuracy.
  • Individualized Profiles. We know how your consumers spend their time and money, across 7,000+ dimensions.
  • Decisioning & Delivery. We bring the best, highly personalized message to the right consumer, every time.
  • Measurement & Insights. Our interactive tools and comprehensive analyses show you how much we’re helping you grow.

The Results

Clients work with us for an average of 5+ years, for our platform, our team and our undeniable results. Our ads drive 5.1 million purchases every day and an average of 10x incremental return on ad spend.