Display Advertising


Display Advertising That Actually Converts

It’s true that consumers don’t notice display ads—if they don’t see the right ones.

For more than 15 years, Conversant has been at the forefront of display advertising’s evolution. We target each ad to a real, highly understood person. And we vary the message based on what device they’re using, what time of day it is, where they’re at in the purchasing funnel and much more.

As a result, our campaigns average a brand lift of 31.2% for our agency clients, and a 10x incremental return on ad spend for our direct-to-brand clients.

Rich Audience Profiles

We build each consumer profile across more than 7,000 dimensions, revealing where people spend their time and money. Here’s just a sample of what we know:

  • What they buy. We see 75 million purchases every day—online and off—to predict consumers’ future spending.
  • What they watch. We watch and analyze more than 28 million viewing hours of digital content every month, frame by frame and with proprietary facial- and scene-recognition technology, to understand what consumers truly care about.
  • Where they go. We know the exact latitudes and longitudes of the non-residential places that opted-in consumers visit, by collecting 2 billion location data points per day.
  • What they read online. Not only do we know what webpages consumers visit, we understand at a granular level what the content is about, from the categories to subcategories to keywords to tone.

Our Massive Digital Reach

We connect with real people on 1.1 million websites and 173,000 mobile apps. Your campaigns are delivered across all leading ad exchanges + our own private ad exchange.

Our Solution for Ad Quality

Our proprietary, 8-step approach to ad quality is unparalleled in the industry. We take significant steps to combat fraud, deliver display advertising in brand-safe environments and ensure that they’re viewable (even in mobile).

Our Creative Team

We build highly personalized creative treatments for our direct-to-brands clients. Each ad is customized across limitless factors, always powering the perfect experience to drive conversions.