Conversant CPA Lead Validation Policy

UPDATED: February 1, 2014

This policy is effective for all current Advertisers of Conversant and utilizes terms defined in Conversant’s current Advertiser Master Services Agreement.

In order to be considered a valid Lead, each Lead must (1) contain the required fields listed in the relevant insertion order AND (2) the data in each field must have Field Validity (as defined below):

Field Validity. In order to have Field Validity, the Required Fields for the Lead must NOT contain the following types of data:

1. Unintelligible Name and Address Data: names and addresses of the person specified which is unintelligible or nonsensical, including, but not limited to random strings of letters, numbers or characters in the place of legitimate names and mail addresses of a person.
2. Invalid Phone Numbers: phone numbers with area codes and prefixes reserved for:
a. public use; or
b. phone company use; or
c. area codes and prefixes that are not possible for the public to obtain.By way of example, Leads containing the following phone numbers would be deemed invalid: 911 in the area code or prefix; 212-555-1212; 999-999-9999.
3. Invalid Email Address: are email addresses:
a. with invalid top level internet domains (by way of example, valid top level domains include “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” and “.edu”;) or
b. that are not formatted in the following manner (e.g. xxxx@yyyy.zzz).
4. Formatted as a Test Lead: Any Lead containing:
a. a name or email address with the word “test”; or
b. an email address containing the internet domain of Advertiser of one of its related companies.
5. Non-U.S. Citizen: Any information indicating the consumer is a non-U.S. citizen;
6. Other Field Verification (aka “scrubbing): data that is on its’ face suspect, incomplete or non-conforming to requirements of the Insertion Order (e.g. nine digit phone numbers, phone numbers which contain the same digit in sequence more than four times, international IP addresses).
So long as a Lead does not contain information of the kind described in this section, Conversant will deem such Lead to have Field Validity. Leads lacking Field Validity are deemed invalid Leads and will be rejected by Conversant for billing purposes.

Lead Reversal Policy