Mobile Marketing


Get more out of mobile marketing. Conversant gives you a complete view of your target consumers, built from petabytes of data, including $1.9 trillion in online and offline purchases. We observe 535 million devices—more than AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile combined. And we add on more than 5 billion daily location points.

Because our cross-device matches are made using real transactions (instead of probabilistic assumptions), we target individuals across mobile with a complete, screen-agnostic understanding of everything they do.

Maximize Reach

Extend your mobile marketing across 3+ million websites and 173,000+ apps, with IAB banners and full-screen ads. You’ll maximize your reach and drive more bottom-of-the-funnel conversions. And you can view each consumer’s journey across devices, and evaluate your campaign success at the person level, not the device level.

Build Your Brand with High-Impact Rich Media

You don’t need to rely on small banners to engage consumers. Conversant builds and accurately targets compelling, full-screen rich media using interactive, mobile-specific functionalities. Our thorough mobile marketing insights show your campaign's power over time, across all devices. 

Experience Sight, Sound and Emotion of Video

We deliver highly engaging HD video to the smartphones and tablets of your target consumers, growing your brand awareness and loyalty. From validating and guaranteeing audiences based on millions of hours of viewing analysis and massive amounts of consumer data, to building channels that target mobile contextual categories, we’ll find the right people. And we’ll bring you a full suite of branding metrics, across devices and campaigns, such as GRP, TRP and brand lift.

Overcome Mobile-Marketing Measurement Challenges

Our tracking of conversions across devices is superior in two ways. With our persistent, anonymized consumer IDs, we don’t need to rely on cookies. And our advanced SDK allows us to precisely understand what customers and prospects are doing within mobile apps, as that’s where consumers spend 86% of their mobile time.

Our Commitment to Ad Quality

Our proprietary, 8-step approach to ad quality is unparalleled in the industry. We take significant steps to combat ad fraud and deliver marketing to mobile devices in brand-safe environments—and ensure that they’re viewable.

Our Powerful Creative

Engaging with mobile consumers takes creative that resonates with their emotions. Our full-service creative team provides a suite of mobile ad options that meet your marketing objectives and deliver powerful, branded experiences into the palms of your audience’s hands.