Have meaningful conversations that last a lifetime, across every device, channel and media format.

"Personalization" has come to mean everything that’s even remotely targeted or customized—leaving marketers disappointed by the results of inaccurate, ineffective "personalization solutions."

What marketers are really hoping for is one-to-one marketing at scale. This is far more specific—and far more challenging to achieve.

We define one-to-one marketing at scale as: Recognizing, reaching and staying connected to a sizable number of individuals whom you know a lot about, through meaningful, ongoing conversations, in real-time, and being able to learn and optimize as you go.

Conversant can help you achieve one-to-one marketing, with mastery of the four essentials:

Recognition & Reach

To launch a successful digital program, you must be able to recognize your customers across all their devices.

Our understanding of consumers is built from the anonymized transactional data (both online and off) of more than 4,000 brands. And the depth and breadth of our IDs continue to grow as we observe over 100+ billion online interactions every day, across every device and channel.

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Individualized Profiles

Your one-to-one marketing program depends on knowing your customers better than they know themselves.

We observe over 1 million online actions per second to build each profile across more than 7,000 dimensions—allowing you to really grow your relationship with your customers over their lifetime.

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Decisioning & Delivery

Optimizing your customer interactions is a critical component of a one-to-one marketing program.

Every day we make over a trillion real-time decisions about billions of interactions for both creative and media placement. You can enjoy limitless opportunities to have the best conversation with each consumer at exactly the right time.

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Measurement & Insights

Successful one-to-one marketing drives more purchases, both online and offline.

You'll see those results for yourself with the most precise measurement and consumer insights in the industry. Your marketing dollars will be spent wisely, as we continuously optimize your campaign to keep the messages compelling.

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Following these four essentials gets results. To see the impact of our campaigns, we ran studies across leading brands in eight consumer retail categories. The results were profound. 10x average incremental return on ad spend (ROAS) 2.5% to 8.3% incremental increase in YoY company sales growth

To learn more about how you can have ongoing connections with your customers, read our one-to-one marketing guide below:


Many vendors offer solutions—but none are as comprehensive or powerful as Conversant's.



Combines DMP, DSP and onboarder solutions to accomplish what Conversant does in-house.


Credited with early advancements in dynamic creative and user targeting, but isn't one-to-one.


An end-to-end solution, connecting brands to real people better than anyone.



Matches only happen at cookie or segment level. And a broken chain of custody means a lot of data leakage.

User IDs come from third-party cookies and reach a tiny fraction of your target audience.

We have the industry’s largest reach of consumers at the person level, across all their devices.


Profiles are built only from emails and websites, not from offline CRM data—and the data doesn’t persist over time.

The focus is on just a single data point (recent items viewed, but not purchased, on one website) that disappears when the objective is complete.

We recognize online and offline activity—including 100B+ online actions per day, to build each profile across more than 7,000+ dimensions.


There’s typically no creative personalization. Most use automation and templates to customize just a few elements.

Ads are only personalized for the last item browsed, or some related products.

Our 1T+ daily real-time decisions are customized for each person, across unlimited factors in each ad.


Real-time optimization happens only at the segment level, not the person level. And insights only go to the campaign level.

Campaigns don’t drive long-term customer understanding. Reporting may show sales, but analysis shows that many are non-incremental.

We update our 160M+ consumer profiles in real time. And our clients have full visibility into their campaigns’ power.


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