Online Marketing Agency

For Agencies

Bring your media to the right people, with our robust data and rich profiles.

When you partner with Conversant, you can be sure that your marketing is engaging real people (not just cookies or devices) across all their screens.


We reach and identify consumers with 96% accuracy, across all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and channels. Compare that to an industry average of just 50%.

Our comprehensive messaging is activated by years of historical online and offline data, giving you more opportunities to connect with “always-on” consumers. The 80 billion online interactions we process daily help us identify your ideal consumers from an audience of 160 million.

We know how shoppers spend their time and money, across 7,000+ dimensions. In fact, we know them so well that each time we reach out to them—through integrated media campaigns delivered in milliseconds—we pick up the conversation right where it left off, on any of their devices.


We can engage your brand with consumers whenever and wherever they spend their digital time and money. And we adhere to the highest ad-quality standards to ensure that your message runs in brand-safe environments.

Because of our massive media footprint (which is on par with Google), our deep consumer insights and our real-time decisioning and delivery, we drive measurable results for you—every day.


What we process:

  • 80 billion online actions a day to recognize consumers with unprecedented accuracy
  • 20+ billion monthly RTB impressions to drive person-level insights
  • Millions of monthly product searches to reveal active shopping behavior

Where we bring your messages:

  • 160 million consumers, with profiles built across 7,000 dimensions
  • Deep partnerships with more than 6,000 leading digital publishers
  • SDK integration across more than 20,000 mobile and tablet apps
  • Integrated buying relationships with Facebook and Twitter

What we drive:

  • Billions of dollars in actual purchases
  • 60+ billion daily impressions across 25 leading ad exchanges, including all ten of the top 10 exchanges
  • 1.9 billion monthly clicks across thousands of programs