The Real Deal: Measuring destination marketing's full net economic impact

Many destination marketers struggle with understanding the full net economic impact (NEI) of your marketing investments. And it's not necessarily your fault as many campaigns are limited to soft or proxy metrics, like click through, site visits, video completions, etc., which don’t tell you anything about the actual monetary impact of your campaigns.

You may also look at hotel bookings as a measure of ROI, but with the rise of Airbnb and people commonly staying with friends and family, hotel bookings can be an extremely limiting metric for performance. 

Destination marketers should expect more from your measurement. You need to focus on bringing a building a holistic view of each individual, so you can understand if that person actually came to your destination and see what they spent across categories—and to do this at scale. 

To learn more, watch this video of David Chastain, our national sales director for travel, hospitality and tourism, talking about the three questions every destination marketer should be asking to truly understand the impact of your campaign.